Am I eligible for visa ?

I have valid passport. However, I don't have the birth certificate of my birth place. However, I have maticulation & other certificates confirming the fact that I studied at that place.

I'd be grateful if you please guide wheteher I'll be able to get visa or similar permisiion when I plan to go abroad.


I am from India & most likely place would be UK , Australia, Canada Or USA .

Update 2:

& the birth took place 35 years ago .

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    hi umesh, i am from bangalore if u are from blore u can meet me or call me on 26588614 i wil help u with lots of information, basically u need around 1.5lakhs + ticket + 17500 for trade assessment for your qualification and u need ielts english test which will cost 6500.00,i am also willing to relocate to australia because there are more opportunities and i am actually making my application through a registered agent (MARA AGENT) u can log on to their website,if u start from now on whole process will take 9-12 months,

    if u r from bangalore u contact canam directly and speak to Ms Nirmala believe me they are professionals, their office is at mg road, u can also visit and take a assessment,u can also call me or mail me with ur biodata as i can give u information,



    (sslc marks sheet is more than enough u dnt req birth certificate)

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    Just because you have a passport doesn't mean you can travel abroad. The fact that you don't have a birth certificate or any proof of a birthplace ...makes you ineligible. And since you think you can get a visa because of your schooling.... I got news for you. You can buy a schooling certificate or degree online. You really need to get your documents in order. Go to the hospital you were born at and get another birthcertificate. That's not hard to do. Or better yet... if that's too hard. Look up the hospital on the internet and request what you need. hope this answers you question.

    Expat-American teacher abroad.

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    If you have a valid passport, you generally do not have to show a birth certificate.

    Visa eligibility to the countries you mentioned is based on your answers to the questions on the visa application, including, purpose of travel, occupation, criminal history, etc.

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    All you need to do really is get approval from the country you'd like to visit at their embassy or consulate. As for a birth certificate you should be able to get one from the place you were born.

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  • 1 decade ago

    then first go to ur native place and claim the birth certificate through the officer

  • 1 decade ago

    this really depends on the country you want to go to or the country you are leaving, since many countries have different protocols

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    visa to where? what's your country of birth? what's your reason for travelling?

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    probably not because birthplaces and birthdates are required in visas.

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    Sounds like what you have should be enough.

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