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What is it about the weather?

I love it when it rains and thunders outside. Something about it makes me feel comfortable and I fall asleep easier. When winter arrives and it gets really cold I'm more calm and relaxed. But now that it's summer everything seems so hetic and I'm stressed out more, everything just seems so rushed, I guess because college is starting back soon.

Opps! I'm rambling...Anyone else ever notice that they feel more comfortable or their mood changes somewhat with the weather?

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    I, too, love it when it rains and thunders. And I, too, find it comforting... probably for the same reasons you do. Those sounds, alone, relax me, but they also remind me that there won't be a lot of noise from people outdoors, compared to normal.

    Maybe there's something primordial about that, too. And/or maybe it's a reminder (at least subconsciously) that we're part of something much bigger than us... so that we let go of our petty little worries for a while (don't know--I'm just now thinking about it for the first time).

    Though I fall asleep easily, listening to rain and thunder, I also find it exciting! It doesn't seem to make sense, on the surface, but it's true. Maybe it depends on how much sleep I've had, whether I stay awake or not. Or maybe the sounds stimulate one part of my brain and relax another.

    I also agree with you about winter being generally calming, and summer being more stressful. I suppose it goes back, again, to crowds, noise, and the expectation of more activity. Thankfully college isn't among my concerns. :-)

    Ooops... now *I'm* rambling. Anyway, glad to hear I'm not alone in these feelings. (Seems like most people *live* for summer and as few rainy days as possible.)

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    I definately think that the weather effects my mood and probably my energy level.

    I don't know if it is really the weather but I have learned that staring at a distant area like a horizon line or clouds can actually lower the heart rate and stress level. It's a relaxation technique.

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    With thunderstorms ae calming due to a pattern. Our Minds hear the patter of the rain hitting things makes us relax. And the thunder is calming.

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    I think our bodies want to exend more energy in the summer, but in the winter we want to conserve as much as possible, kind of like hibernating as bears do.

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