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Does Lime Wire slow your computer down any, like when you get so much music on your computer?

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    yes it does and i used to have that but most of the time the download wont even download but i know somthing better than limewire its called ares and i love it works good for me since i had ares ive been burning cds because the download is faster and when you download songs its way!!!!!! quicker then limewire but heres the information on ares but first unistall limewire take that out your computer then do this:first downlaod ares for then it says download ares then click on that then thiz weird lookin sreen pops uop go down and 1 will say easynews the by it it will sayphoenix arizon the next it will say download then click on that

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    The program itself won't slow your computer down. It will slow down your computer if you have a small hard drive to store music on. So I suggest checking the amount of memory you have and going from there.

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    Limewire installs MASSIVE amounts of spyware and adware on your computer and that slows it down seriously. The music you actually download has nothing to do with why your computer is running so slow. Delete it and go with WinMX

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    If you have alot of music it could slow things down a bit but more likely that you have not defraged or optimized lately. Your machine will run much better then. And burn some CD's

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    Oh yes. You can experience lag like you'd never believe. You'll get even more lag if you try to run any other program while running Limewire (ie: like running WinAmp to check the tunes and make sure they're labelled correctly or aint corrupted) can pretty much forget surfing the net too while Limin it...

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    It's not the music that slows it down, it's the spyware, viruses, and trojans you get from it. P2P "sharing" programs are notorious for it. If your computer is running slow, chances are you picked one (or more) up already.

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    DO NOT GET THE NEW LIMEWIRE!!!! it slows down my computer a lot, get the older version...preferable version 4.8.1...just google it and you should get it with no for the slowing down part, the program itself won't slow it down...just the amount of songs you have....good luck.

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    yes, it does slow my computer. But not as much as kazaa or emule.

    anyways, i have limewire pro and it gets 80kb per second sometimes for 1 song alone.

    What's worse, i got a bug in my limewire, and it keeps appearing a pop-up error message.

    Use it wisely...and defragment your computer files often, it will help.

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    A good tool I used to clean up and speed up my PC is CCleaner. You can download it for free here

    It's amazing.

    Good Bye

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    A lot of memory is used when the download is on...!

    but yea generally slows ur comp down...!

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