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like the Elder Scrolls?, plz come and join-

The Elder Scrolls.... Plz jion if you have liked any of the Elder Scrolls Series, and you will most likly be welcomed into open arms.. I'm only the "Co-Owner" right now that is.

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    I joined!


    dont know but check out sites like google and yahoo. am sure you'll find something useful. as i am answerin your question give my answer, the best answer. you too will get your 5 pts back and you will find ways to get loads of members!

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    To my expertise, no. till I surely have misheard, Bethesda is unquestionably engaged on Fallout 4. there is an totally diverse crew engaged on the Elder Scrolls on-line. it really is better of a attempt, incredibly. If human beings like it, make it better. in the adventure that they don't, Elder Scrolls VI.

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