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Diet advice for my cats?

My cats are Zel (six years), Hikaru (four years), Pixie (three years), and Duo (one year). All of my cats are fixed, and all of them except Zel are overweight. It took me a long time to get Zel to a proper weight (he was a rescue). Hika and Duo are not horribly over weight, but Pixie doubled in size after she was spayed. They are eating from a community bowl with no regular meal time. Any advice on what I can do to help bring down my cats weight without Zel losing what he has? Thank you.


I don't think I can get these cats to exercise more than they do. They chase each other from one end of the house to the other.

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    You will probably have to feed Zel seperately and feed the others a diet catfood of some kind. Course if they are not horribly overweight I would probably not worry about it. Just play with them more and allow them to get more exercise.

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    Whether or now not he's neutered will make a giant change. I acquired a three month historic black lab that used to be now not apartment damaged, or educated in anyway and used to be now not neutered. Right now he's eleven months and we nonetheless have a few issues to see with him. I am additionally an excessively convenient going proprietor however oftentimes he's taking knowledge of that. He is apartment educated now and that didn't take him lengthy however he's nonetheless now not neutered. He does all of the equal matters with regards to now not coming whilst he is known as and pulling at the leash continuously after we cross on walks. He is rather educated now. He is aware of how to sit down, lie down, and shake. There are any other phrases that he is aware of like yummies, external, stroll and swim. My recommendation might be to only keep constant with the needs and present him for well habits. This would comprise yelling at him however it's the simplest approach that they understand what they did isn't k. Dogs wish the awareness and love of an proprietor so they are going to regularly come again and take a look at to make up the flawed. Whenever you do anything make up a phrase for it so he is aware of. Right now whilst I wish my puppy to come back again within I say come dwelling and quite often he listens. Whenever he pulls too rough at the leash, I pull him again and say convenient after which he does not tug as rough. Sometimes I need to do this throughout the entire stroll however he does be trained the phrase and is aware of what I am asking him to do. Training is convenient so long as you keep constant and every person on your dwelling makes use of the equal phrases.

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    hey hun....you may ahve to put zel in a diffrent room during feedin' time...i wish you and the kitties luck...love daisy

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