Literary Agent Representation??

I am a new author,out of Texas looking for a literary agent for my book Foolish Men. Does anyone know any agents that would be willing to represent me?

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    As an experienced writer and published fantasy author, I suggest you find a good editor to clean up your manuscript and get it ready for submission to various agents. You'll have to research agencies, as there are no right answers when it comes to agents EXCEPT that you need one if you're a new author.

    Most major publishers these days won't even open unsolicited manuscripts unless you have previously published something OR you have a super strong query letter or an agent submitting for you. Publisher slush piles are in the thousands, so don't waste your time, postage or printing costs submitting direct.

    Once you have a finished, polished manuscript and an agent to handle it, you should be able to find a publisher sooner or later. Agents know the game and they know what the publishing houses are looking for. Trying it on your own is a long, tedious and often disappointing road to oblivion.

    That's my advice. Good luck with your book.

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    "Literary Agent Representation?" ANSWERS:

    I believe that your best bet would be to get the WRITERS MARKET 2006 or 2007 book. It's about forty dollars and available at all major book stores.

    Go to a bookstore and browse through the book and you'll see how this book will help you to find an agent.

    It's packed with info on how to contact publishers,and editors and agents. The book is for all writers.

    It's a nationwide worldwide book and there are many listings for TEXAS!

    Everything you need to know about the business of writing is inside this book.

    Email us at

    Source(s): I've read writers market for many years and use the book as a great reference source. It's excellent!
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    So are you a man or a woman? Your Avatar is a woman, but your website shows you as a black man. And in the biography section there was no information really. If you've written another book that normally is named and it's status mentioned.

    From the website the description of the book made it very difficult to get an honest picture of what it was really about. There was just a lot of flowery prose, that really did read like it had been written by a woman, but really didn't say alot. Also who is this book being marketed to? As a woman, it really didn't appeal to me at all.

    Anyway, literary agents who would be willing to represent you? I know literary agents I don't think they would be interested.

    Good Luck--I would try to rewrite the description of the book on the website and make it more concise.

  • Superbooks is dead on. With the Writers Market you also get internet access to their website so if publishing information changes, or new publishing companies start, the information is updated right away. Just don't EVER let anyone tell you that you have to pay a fee to get an agent. Once you have a piece published your agent will take a percentage of it, but you should not have to put any money upfront to get an agent.

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  • You should check out Writer's Market, aside from listing publishers and agents, it offers advice on queries and other publishing obstacles.

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    problematic issue. browse using google. that could actually help!

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