Why have the Bush Administration called for ten more years of Military coverage in the Middle East?

The stories were posted all over the news network to night, reported by the Republicans. I thought form the Repunlicans propaghanda everything is just beautiful .04% unemployment and the rebuilding has so improved the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan... They have said the fighting in Afghanistan has increaed to the level it was back in 02...The Afghani women are all wearing their head gear to support their religions over the Capitalist...Wasn't it all just a loss of a lot of lives for defence contracts and Haliburton, Carlyle and Bechtel Corporations of Texas...


Are the chicken hawk Neocons ever going to sign up for the Army?

Update 2:

rache001 I really like your 2% right answers on you answers page...I think you should know by now that your totally wrong with your propaghanda and views.

Update 3:

mike b and joe mamma I reported you for your foul mouths...

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    Ronald Reagan and George Bush the first gave money, weapons and training to Bin Laden and his boys.

    At the same time Reagan and Bush were giving weapons and money to Saddam.

    Then a couple of months later they gave weapons to Iran

    The same people we are having problems with were armed by Republicans

    George Bush has made millions giving the Carlyle group contracts for Iraq (coincidental the Bin Laden family also has investments with Bush into the Carlyle group).

    Cheney gave a no bid fire fighting contract to a firm he has investments in.

    Dick Cheney has made 8 million dollars in Halliburton since they got a no bid oil stealing contract in Iraq

    My brother in law is from Iraq and the people there say they were safer under Saddam.

    And Saddam DID NOT HAVE WMD'S. I know nutcase conservatives try to push that serin gas which only has a shelf life of 1 month. And that WW1 vintage mustard gas which almost all of it never worked. Even Bush and Cheney laugh at that crap.

  • mark g
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    Never met too many Liberals in the service when I was in, Wearing their headgear as you call it is a religious belief and has nothing to do with Capitalism. If you don't like Capitalism try living in Saudi Arabia or North Korea. Oops sorry, I forgot, they would kill you there for the way you talk. You must not like that women in Afghanistan can go to school now when they couldn't before. I guess it was better to let thousands of Iraq's people be slaughtered than say anything nice about a republican. They should have hung on a few years till a democrat was president then it would be alright. Git a job and a life girl

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    Yes oh sad yes, the poor Arabs are being killed off for one reason and it is not so they can be free or live a better life. Despite the US's best efforts to play god for the ump-teenth time in these last hundred years we have forgotten that it is much easier to destroy than to create, and more importantly you cannot change that which you do not understand.

    The people who go and enforce policy and try to create new social and political systems in foreign countries always make the same mistakes. The Idea of wiping out the governments of other countries and expecting them to accept a new one is old and tired and seldom works. Would Americans sucome to the ideas of another country if forced upon them? I think most people in the US would fight to their deaths before accepting foreign authority, it's like trying to run PC software on an Apple, it just doesn't work.

    These government as much as we don't like them or disagree with their beliefs or politics exist fora reason. They are at least stable, and when the people are ready to rise up and change their own form of government they will as history clearly show... When someone else comes and does it for them failure ensues, every-time, as far as I can see by looking back into the past.

    These people have and will continues to die in vain until the void which has been created is erased, and this will not be easy... All in the name of Democra$y.

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    We will most likely nonetheless be there. There will by and large be so much much less troops in Iraq, however who is aware of with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Your Dad is correct, the area has been in clash considering that the daybreak of time and it may not difference quickly. As quickly as a nation does a few B.S. transfer like attempt to get nukes, invade yet another nation, harbor terrorists, or is the supply of a terrorist assault at the US, we can be there combating. Our alliance with Israel typically pisses off each and every Muslim country and we're going to do the whole thing to safeguard our best friend from their enemies.

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    I would guess they want to make sure "their" precious oil does not go anywhere. Besides that they may still have some business to take care of, in that region. Like Invading Iran or at least striking a blow to it.

    I know I sound harsh, but you would to, if you looked at 8 - 10 minutes of this interview with Professor Steven Jones. It's a 45 minute video and well worth looking at, to its end. At the very least, pass it on to those you care about.


    Wow !

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    Because he knows the democrats will gain power next - and will exit the middle east immediately. If this happens, we will leave them in a mess. That means they will hate America for messing up their government and economy. We did the same thing to Mexico. Now look what is happening. They are fleeing to America because the economy is so poor.

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    because during all wars prior to Vietnam the media and the home base 99% of the American populace supported American war effort.

    Now you have media, and liberals putting their agenda ahead of victory. You have people like yourself or Jane Fonda (BY THE WAY WHEN JANE FONDA GREW UP SHE VASTLY REGRETTED HER ACTIONS AND APOLOGIZED TO THE VIETNAM SOLDIERS WHO WERE SPIT ON AND DEGRADED FOR JUST DOING THEIR JOB!) I hope you grow up some day, but anyways the libs hamstring the war effort with their rhetoric it shows weakness and disharmony and dis-union. We needed to be united in our war effort and support the war effort. YOU are encouraging the Iraq ins erection with every one of your divisive posts. You give them false hope whose perpetuates the lengthens the war and causes needless deaths. Your Anti-American rhetoric costs Us soldiers lives.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't forget Mr. VP Dick Cheney (the puppet master) his pockets are deep very deep with Haliburton.

  • GJ
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    1 decade ago

    It's a limp attempt to drag their political machine along for 10 more years.

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