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what is the best wide reciever gloves to wear?

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    if you have to wear gloves as a receiver...

    get used to the gray NCAA gloves...

    Personally, as a coach, you should learn how to catch a ball without gloves, first.

    Then, when you get to college, if that's the edge you need to beat someone out at a starting position - then go for it...anything lower than college...you need to work fundamentals first.

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    Under Armour gloves if Nike's make sure they

    have some type rubber in palms area that

    i'll make it easier to catch the ball...

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    i wore the underarmour ones last year and the nike ones this year, and they are both great gloves, and others on the team like the cutters but i think those are more for warmth, i would suggest either under armour or nike.

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    Whichever ones help you catch the ball better. I always liked the stick-em paste that the Raiders used to win games in the 70's.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sissies wear gloves ,what happen to real football....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    stickem on ur hands

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