about my bf's ex?

ok so my boyfriend has an ex girlfriend that wont leave him alone and is always asking him to dump me and get back wit her( and hes not supposed to tell me but he does) so when i ask her about wanting to steal my boyfriend she denys it, so shes being an awful person and lying about it.... what do i do about her shes bothering me

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    1 decade ago
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    since you already communicate with her, tell that trick to leave your man alone...you also need to tell your man to tell her to leave him alone...him saying it will have a bigger effect than you telling her

  • 1 decade ago

    the same thing happened to me. look, if your boyfriend is a good guy, he'll listen to what you tell him. just have an honest talk with him about how it hurts you when she does that, and furthermore she lies about it, and how you really just want it out of your relationship so you two can focus on each other!

    what happened to me was that my boyfriends exgirlfriend tried to one, take him back, and two, break us up by trashtalking me. i had a serious talk with him about how she wasnt being his friend at all, and was just trying to hurt us. what kind of a friend is that?!

    let your boyfriend know! tell him to either get her to cut it out, or else you dont deserve being in a situation like that!

    good luck girl!

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