I'm moving to Philly and I wanted to know how safe is S. Philly?

Specifically S. Broad at Washington?

I know it's largely Italian (with a few other ethnic backgrounds) and I'm from a pretty diverse part of S. Florida so I just want to know is there much racism in this part of town? I'm only asking b/c I am in an interacial relationship (soon to be married) and we have had problems b4 in certain cities we have lived before (i.e. New Orleans...but only in certain areas, but I still love that city!)

Also, i'm a grad/professional student and I want to know will it be okay for me to come home after 10pm and not get attacked. I'm not stupid I've lived in major cities before but I have just heard so many conflicting opions on the web.

I have other areas in mind, but I was looking at a nice place in this location. But, I am open to other suggestions (except University City b/c I don't want to be surrounded by undergrads).


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    Ah, the Marine Club Apts. Good choice!

    Actually Broad & Washington is the unoffical borderline between Center City & South Philly. Despite it's closeness to the Italian Market, It's not very Italian anymore. The area is actually a mix of Asian markets (vietnamese, koreans mostly), some hispanics ,Some black neighborhoods near the Performing Arts High School (about 2 blocks away) , and Some older busnesses on Broad & Washinton. Racism? Not a problem, Like I said it's a fairly mixed area, In fact another guy last week was asking here about the same apts. Crime? Arround there is rather low. Your less than 5 mins. drive or Subway ride from City Hall. Your near the intersection of 4 different police districts, so coverage is high See(http://www.ppdonline.org)/ anyway. The Septa bus & Subway lines stop right near your corner. (http://www.septa.org)/ Parking is a issue however. Your in luck as the apt. has a garage.

    I think you you will like it here better than New Orleans. What school by the way?

    There are plenty of resturants (a dinner is down the street), take out joints, A Mc Donalds, and dunkin Doughnuts about 2 blocks way. Thera are Supermarkets close as well ( the Greys Ferry av. PathMark, the Sav a lot & Vietnamse market 2-3 blocks on Wasghington). Overall a better choice than University City. I've lived in philly for 34 yrs. And spent a year delivering pizza to the Marine club Apts., so I know the area very well. Need more? Drop a email....

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    Try this link:


    It's a residnet's blog for the whole city...this link in particular is for South Philly. Ask in there and you will be likely to get a much more defined response.

    From my experience though, South Philly is hit or miss. You could be on one corner and in a great neighborhood and then risk a lot only a few blocks away. It isn't so much predominantly Italian anymore either...it's pretty mixed. There are still Italian strongholds, but there are Irish, Polish, etc...ones as well.

    How are you going to be getting home? Train I guess? The Broad Street Line (though I forget what time it stops running) can be a hairy place. I definitely recommend mace or pepper-spray, if for nothing else but piece of mind for you and you fiancee. I would also look into how far away the Penn Shuttle and LUCY go. They're Penn and Drexel's respective shuttles and I know they travel pretty late into the evening.

    Good luck with your move...welcome to the City. Hope you're moving in the Fall though...it was 85* at 6am and is supposed to make it to a lovely 102*F today.

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    No girl. Have you heard about our murder rates!!!!!! im i Southwest philly. there have been 3 murders here in the past week, let alone the rest of the city. 2 weeks ago there were 10 murders throughout the city in a 24 hour period. They r trying 2 get the national gaurd 2 come in and patrol the streets. One of my freinds was 1 of those ten murders and all they took was his ring,chain, and cellphone-they shot him in the head for them.

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    Pathmark Greys Ferry

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    I just moved from there myself. I lived on Broad and Reed, Broad and Wharton and 1171 S. Mole st. All very close to Broad and Washington. Stay away from anything above 16th St! Alot of drugs and shootings. You are a short walk from South st. so thats nice! Good luck. I kind of miss it down there myself.

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    i find it to be pretty safe and as far as being in an interacial relationship goes i dont think u will run into any problems. there is such a diverse variety of people and relationships that usually everyone is pretty accepting.

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    I would recommend another city. Philly is dirty and the people are rude!

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    its safe as long as you dont act to rich or preppy

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    it's dangerous ( a lot of shootings). good luck!

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