Can standing for long periods of time be unhealthy?

I am working 2 full time jobs right now. I don't sit down at all, only on breaks. can standing for 16 hours a day hurt my health?


well, one of my full time jobs is actually completing an internship at a pharmacy. I only have a few more weeks left. thank god its not a long term thing

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    As a member of the military I can, with out any doubt , say yes it can. I have been on many parades as well other military functions where standing for long periods of time has caused me great pain. In the long term the lack of blood flow to the limbs and tissues will cause damage. Pooling of blood in the cavities of the limbs will cause temporary nerve damage as well as prolonged nerve damage.

    Over all standing for long periods of time will cause joint, limb, lower body and upper body injuries. If you're standing for that amount of time for your job I suggest you look into your OH&S regulations to find out what your rights are.

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    I don't think it will hurt your health, but you'll get nasty varicose veins from standing almost the whole day!

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    It can if you don't have the right footwear and the right flooring. Antifatigue floor mats make a difference.

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    It can cause back pain for sure.

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