is Chemistry AP hard?

is Chemistry AP hard? be honest.for a soon to be sophmore in highschool,me.I have it this coming starts in 2 weeks.

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    My chem teacher has taught mostly students who have never taken a chem course in their life for AP chem. only some had a year or summer of chem as prep before AP chem. most pass, and many of them get 4's and 5's. i hope that's a bit encouraging. bascially, if you allow yourself to spend some extra time for labs outside school hours, keep a fast pace, and work hard, you should have a good time.

    some people think it's the hardest science AP. You only need algebra 2 for it though, so it's not like physics that needs calculus.

    Your AP class might not be hard, but the exam will be. You should take the class at least for the experience as long as you are intrigued.

    Lots of good luck, don't burn yourself, and bring some marshmallows to class (to roast over bunsen burners).

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    If by AP you mean advance placement then yes it is hard. AP chemistry is equvalent to the first two semesters of college chemistry. If you are prone to putting things off and trying to get it all done the last week you will do very poorly in this class. If you are the type of person who does each assignment as it is assigned and review often then you will probably do ok.

    Overall it is a hard class I am suprised to see a sophmore in it so I take it you are exceptionally bright and if you enjoy problem solving and chemistry by all means challenge yourself but if you are in it because mom and dad think you should or one of your friends talked you into it bail out now while you still can.

    Source(s): 8 years teaching chemistry and 6 teaching AP
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    I truly don't know ={ I'm going to take it next year too =\ I guess if we study a lot, always pay attention, and really try our best we can do it. It is easier said than done but we can do it!! ^-^

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