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if u think u found the right guy 4 u but he is a online...?

friend should u go with ur heart and let him know u care???

i thought i would and he wont tell me how he feels..we talked 4 about a year now and he knew how much i liked him and said he'd date me if i wasnt dating his best friend. the next day i broke up with his best friend. all 3 of us are very close and have chatted on the phone. he even lives an hour away from my bro who lives a couple hours away in the same state. matt(the guy i like) is single and when i was he wouldnt tell me if he liked me as much as i luv him. i cant stop thinking about him and he wasnt online for anout 3weeks and i found he was on vacation and the night before i left for newyork he logged in and jeremy(my ex, his best friend) was on(this is one of those online games u can walk around and talk 2 ppl)when i went 2 hang wit both guys jeremy left and i started feeling bad and matt told me he wanted 2 hang out and i acted like a jerk and told him yea wen he's not around jeremy and i havent talked 2 him sence.


that was a month ago is he mad at me? or just not on. he's my best friend and i luv him

Update 2:

what is happening i need help i really luv him in every way!!!!!

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    sounds good.. have fun and take care of yourself though.. as a woman you need to protect your feelings from getting hurt... but definitely have fun for now

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    ya do what ur heart tells you

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