If you were an attorney, would you be "honored" to represent an alleged drug trafficker?

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    only if he can pay his bills. But seriously, remember that you said an alleged drug trafficker. So we don't even assume he is guilty. Why shouldn't an attorney represent him? And what is he guilty of? That is often the big question in a trial. How much was he selling? Was he a ringleader or just helping a friend drive a car? Was he an addict himself desperate to sell to feed his own habit? Those are the kinds of facts that may be important in a trial to determine what level of crime the defendant may be guilty of. And even if the attorney thinks his client is probably guilty, it is still the government's job to prove him guilty. If the defense attorney does his job properly, that protects all of our rights. And even if he is guilty and you know the government is probably going to be able to prove he is guilty, the attorney can still do something helpful by advocating for an appropriate sentence. The prosecutor might be asking for too much, so it is the defense's job to point out any mitigating circumstances, and that helps the judge decide the appropriate sentence. What kind of legal system would we have if there were no defense attorneys? Then the government could just throw anybody in jail that they wanted to, I guess. Who trusts the government that much?

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    In the US, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Although I do not happen to practice regularly in drug defense cases, (and probably would NOT accept a case because of that), if I were knowledgeable in that area of law, I would have no problem with defending an alleged drug trffficker.

    EVERYONE has the right to a defense. Let's think of it this way. You perhaps, are thinking... he's a drug pusher.. let's punish him.. well, perhaps he/she is a drug pusher. If he/she is CONVICTED of that offense, then let's punish him/her.

    What if you, on the other hand, were arrested by the police, (on the word of a neighbor who didn't like you, for instance), and then charged with a crime. The crime is a horrible one.. (let's see.. something involving children perhaps)... Do you not want a defense lawyer to help you defend yourself?

    The day we abolish our adversarial system, and do away with "presumed innocent"... we have become a state no better than North Korea or Iran.

    Source(s): 10+ years in the legal profession.
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    by your statement "alleged"... i will. anyway, a man is innocent until proven guilty. and one has to represent him, guilty or not. for it's like giving the meat to the dogs without first inspecting the meat... meaning, the proper way of justice must be serve and each must play a role. if i become an antagonist, it's okay. as a lawyer, one must serve anyone who soughts his/her help without prejudice to his/her client's crime. you may earn the ire of many, but a job is job, it just so happen that you must represent him. guilty or not, that's the reason for being a lawyer... that is, to defend the rights of man...

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    First, I wouldn't be an attorney.

    Second, I wouldn't have anything to do with a drug trafficker.

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  • 1 decade ago

    thats why I decided not to go to law school. I wouldn't want to be put in a situation like that. I would not represent any person I feel is guilty.

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    Using the words "honor" and "attorney" in the same sentence is bogus.

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    If they were trafficking cannabis, I'd be more than happy to represent them.

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    No. I wouldn't be "dishonored" either. It's part of the job as a defense attorney.

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    Only a Hollywood movie star ! They can afford my lying and help me keep that license to steal !

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    "Honored" to prosecute him!

    Love your Icon by the way! - USMC

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