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Emo Hairstyle for the Raver?

Hi Im not emo, though i really like there hair styles. I dont like to label people but its lengthy to describe otherwise. I just want the haircut, so please dont spam me with "EMO SUCKS!" or "Go in a corner and slit your wrists!", just let me know how i can get the hairstyle. I live near Orlando, Florida so anywhere within 50 miles would be nice.

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    Somebody suggested for me to go look on myspace, through people's friends, to get a certain hair cut. There are a lot of scene ("emo") people on myspace. Just print their picture out and take it to the salon. Also, try I brought the picture of a girl's haircut from the website, and it looks great.

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    Take a picture of the specific haircut/style you want to any good hairdresser and they will hook you up

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