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I wish to improve the mechanics of my writing, how may I do so?

The problem with me is that when I want to sit down and write for the purpose of writing I get caught up in how to use proper grammar. I also am very good at putting my thoughts on paper, I just don't know the mechanics very well such as where to place commas properly, or what are prep. phrases or gerands, and all that. What are some websites, books, or what have you that can improve my writing and grammar drastically? Thank you ahead of time.

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    Unless you are writing for TV, everything is important, including the mechanics. "one must first know the rules to break them"

    The Elements of Style should be basic reference for every writer (for everyone actually, but that might be asking too much).

    So my gift to you is a free copy... go out and create great literature.

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    THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE is certainly a good book to help one learn the syntax of our language. If there is a college nearby, a basic grammar course would be helpful in learning the rules. Another book I would recommend is THE DELUXE TRANSITIVE VAMPIRE by Karen Elizabeth Gordon, which teaches grammar with humor. I would also recommend ANGUISHED ENGLISH by Richard Lederer. It will teach you what not to do and leave you rolling on the floor in laughter. Finally, as the first answerer said read, read, read. Good writers are good readers--that can't be said enough.

    Source(s): I teach English.
  • My friend, you will be judged on content originality, not form. Focus on that. And "mechanics" refers to movements of your hand and fingers.

    Find a topic you feel passionate about. Then write. How about

    an essay on the viability of the Hallitube system...

    In the meantime, we still have a traffic grid problem, so tell your

    friends about Hallitubes - (noncommerical at this stage)

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    Strunk and White's Elements of Style

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    You need to go for some English classes, available in every country.

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    Read, read and read some more. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

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    Take Bukowski's advice:

    "Don't Try"

    Source(s): Bukowski's Tombstone
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