How long do Bmw transmissions last?

I'm thinking about buying a BMW 525i 4 door sedan that has over 200,000 miles on it...everything on the car has been redone other than the transmission. I usually think it's ludicrous to buy a car with over 200k on it knowing that I'm just gambeling on its trans, but I haven't a clue how the foreign trans compare up against the domestics..I bought a 1994 Grand prix with 140k on it and the trans blew a month later, I don't want it to happen again.

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    The getrag transmissions that bmw puts in are usually very reliable... Is it a manual or auto? If its a manual, the tranny will outlast the car, the automatics are a crap shoot. The good thing is that the transmissions for that car are readily available and dont cost too much. If you do get it and it does go out, dont rebuild, just buy a low milage one... Ive checked on pricing for my other car (nissan xterra), and unless its just a single gear, it gets to be more than buying another used tranny.

    Does it slip? If so, then bad... Does it make a lot of noise or shift really violent/sharply? Then bad... Use common sense, you are buying an old car, and that is a risk you will have to look at...

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    Just might happen again "transmission failure". Pull the dipstick I assume you mean automatic transmission wipe on a clean white paper towel does it leave gray or black along with red fluid color on the paper, walk away! Does the fluid smell like burnt electric motor, Run away! Manual transmissions you will have to examine the magnet on the drain plug for pieces of the gears and bearings. I recommend a newer bmw from a BMW CCA member or some one who has receipts so thick you cannot close the glove box

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    i bought teh same car.... a 93 bmw 525i and the tranny is great... its MANUAL 5 speed an old oriental man owned it ... it depends who was driving it... if u had a punk banging gears for 5 years of the cars life than it prolly won't last too long.... let me also give you another peice of advice friend.... always buy a manual transmission... never buy an automatic.. they are unpredictable and rely on computer... the less computer techonogy in the car the better... do yourself a favor and be gentle with a 5 speed and forget automatic because you can never rely on automatic.. i speak from past experiences ... take care and let me know if you need help... what year is the car./... they are good cars friend

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