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make documents available between users?

My computer has multiple users and I'm wondering how I can make documents, programs, music, etc. downloaded or used under one username available for other users without having to download them again on the other username. For example: I downloaded some music with my username and now my wife wants the song on her playlist. How do I move my song to her playlist when she logs on as a different user? We are both "administrators." Windows XP media center home edition.


My music goes to C:\Documents_and_Settings\HP_Administrator\Shared

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    If you are UserX and your wife is UserY, then when you download music, it probably goes to folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\UserX\My Documents\My Music"

    When your wife downloads, it goes to folder":C:\Documents and Settings\UserY\My Documents\My Music"

    The music folder for All Users is probably "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music"

    You can either copy your songs to your wife's "My Music" folder, or you can change the default download folder for Media Player or whatever program you're downloading with to a common folder that both you and your wife can use, such as "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music" or just "C:\Music"

    A similar method can be devised for pictures, documents, and anything else that you usually save to "My Documents"

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    maintain a single shared playlist or maintain songs at a location other than my documents. Adding a song to a playlist will always be manual

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    in windows, several ways; quick way is to rt. click the desired file, copy it, then put into 'shared' folder (within 'my computer' )

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    if u have admin previleage mean share that file

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