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is it wrong to lie to your bf/gf about how many partners you've had?

said it was 3 because he knew those guy but it was actually **

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    I think it would be wrong to lie to them about it..I know I would be upset if someone told me they had a certain amount of partners and it was really more than that. Relationships should be based on honesty. Don't be afraid to tell the truth to your partner...they will most likely have alot more respect for you in the future if they know they can truly trust you. Hope my answer helped!

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    hey hun...most people don't really wonna know when they ask BUT if he's gonna be strait forward and ask then show him your a trust worthy person and give him the truth....better that you show honesty on your face telling him the truth then fumbling with a better answer and leave him daisy

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    It's a sad fact but most people lie about how many people they have been with. lol

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    i did lie becaue i been what 11

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