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I think this is a lil dumb buuuut.......?

ok Im not HUGE on astrology but.....Im interested.............and I like a leo and Im a scorpio, good match? or no? aaand does anyone know where I can get free info,/astrology reports online????THANKX!!! :)

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    Nothing free sorry

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    Astrology is a science and those who can't grasp it's concept deem it as hog wash, it has been the same throughout history, if one doesn't understand then they will condemn.

    Astrology has been studied for as long as people have looked into the sky, there has been many a great person to understand and actually use the planet's position to foretell greatness and disaster.

    One shouldn't put everything to Astrology, for we all have free will. But the planets and their position at the time we were born does show influence on us.

    Sorry to take up your question's space to air that, it just gets to me - all the negativity that is displayed here from time to time.

    If you know your birth time (and your friend's), where you were born and the date you can visit to have a natal chart and a compatibility chart done, they will give you a brief description of what it all means. If you need more help, please contact me, I will be more than happy to help. There is so much to factor in that simple sun sign compatibility will not even scratch the surface.

    Good Luck and again my apologies

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    Love Compatibility of Leo with Scorpio

    Scorpios prefer to play out their dramas in private, and might find the Lion's loud roar childish and hard to understand. They need a lot of emotional space and clear boundaries, while you need over-the-top displays of love and affection. You might not get what you need with a Scorpio, who is more reserved with their love. It's not hopeless, though. If you can learn not to express absolutely everything you feel, all the time, and your Scorpio can understand that you need attention and make an effort to be more demonstrative, you can make it work.

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    Well I am a scorpio... I dont get along with Leo's.

    Go here:

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    Go to - very good site. For a good compatibility chart though, you should know where he was born, his time of birth as well as his date. Same with you. Leo and Scorpio aren't a bad combination, but there's more than just sun signs involved in relationships, like ascendents and moon and mars and venus signs as well.

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    astrology is very complecated. You've got to study movement of the star and planets then theres "houses" and all this junk. But Leo/Scorpio...

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    All you have to do is google the word astrology or zodiac and you'll get tons of websites and information on it.

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    Input your birth data (date, place and exact birth time) under "My Astro"

    Select "Free Horoscopes".

    Select "Astro Click Portrait" for a Natal reading.

    For Transit readings (predictions) select "Forecast" and "Personal Daily Horoscope".

    This is accurate and free. Enjoy!


    Your signs are in square (90° aspect) by sign. But we would need to determine if they were by degree as well. We would need full birth data for both people to calculate that. Place, date and exact times.

    If they are square by degree than here's an interpretation:

    Sun square Sun in synastry:

    Your relationship is dynamic and energizing. You challenge each other to grow and develop, but unfortunately the process tends to be abrasive and frustrating. The differences in your personalities, if not understood and handled properly, can lead to mutual frustration. Your life goals may often be at odds with one another, and this fact can deplete both of your senses of vitality. There can be distinct "ego wars" between you, especially if you are around each other often. Competitiveness can be a real problem. Although it may be pleasantly challenging at times, and especially at the beginning of your relationship, the need to defend one's basic personality can be draining. Your relationship can easily become a love-hate one.

    Any sign can be with any other sign! It all depends on your whole chart, based on your DATE, PLACE, EXACT TIME of birth, not just your Sun signs.

    Your whole chart then is then compared to the other person's whole chart using a technique called Synastry.

    The aspects between each other's planets and points must be looked at and interpreted. The planets in each others houses must be looked at and interpreted, both ways. Affinities must be looked for. It's not simple to a layperson, but it is to people who are educated in Astrology terminology.

    Sun sign horoscopes are absolutely inaccurate to determine compatibility between two people.

    More info:

    Synastry link:

    Affinity link:

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    the leos roar like a lion and scorpios have sting.....i know a leo woman and she's loud and aggressive....i was married to a scorpio and he was very exciting but they can get you very andry too..

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    Yes very dumb - for sure. None of it means a thing don't pay any attention any more. Or continue wasting your time.

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