Do eye Floaters ever go away?Plz tell me from your personal experiances only?

Any recomendation on a natural herbal treatment or food intake.thanks

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    I too used to struggle with eye floaters, but for the most part, I have learned to live with them. I remember doing extensive research on things I could do to get rid of the little pests, but found that there is really nothing that can be done unless you want to pay a ton of cash to have them removed by laser surgery and risk losing your vision. As far as herbal treatment goes, I've heard mixed reviews, mostly bad. Your best option would be to just accept the fact that they are not going to go away and to learn to live with them. Thats what I've done, and they really don't bother me anymore. There are a lot of websites out there that are very informative that you might want to check out, but in the meantime, do what you can to just ignore your eye floaters. They will eventually stop bothering you if you just learn to see past them. May God's peace be with you.

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    Hi there,

    If you have eye floaters, spots or flashes don't ignore them. A good site that I recommend is:

    In most cases eye floater are not dangerous. they often occur as a result of age-related changes that occur in the vitreous humor (the jelly-like substance in the eye). This substance is 98% water and 2% protein, the latter being normally dissolved in the water. However, this protein can get damaged or it can aggregate together, causing floaters to appear. What you see is actually the shadow of these particles. In addition, sometimes the vitreous humor detaches itself from the posterior part of the eye, and this has an effect of altering the shape and consistency of the vitreous humor; again, this causes eye floaters. In both these cases, eye floaters are not dangerous and indeed most health professionals will recommend that you simply ignore them, unless they suddenly get worse. With time, the brain can adapt to them, and you will start noticing them less.

    However, there are some cases where eye floaters are actually a symptom of a much more serious medical condition. For example, eye floaters may develop when there is a retinal tear, and this will require urgent medical treatment. Similarly, eye floaters may be blood cells in the vitreous humor, which may result from a burst blood vessel. Indications that your eye floaters may be caused by a serious problem can be if you see random flashes of light, if your field of vision is narrowing, or if you see a shower of eye floaters. However, only a doctor can correctly diagnose the cause of eye floaters, and that’s why it is extremely important to seek medical advice.

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    I'm 53 and had developed eye floaters about 4 or 5 years ago. The doctors told me that they're harmless, but whoever has had them knows how annoying they are. They also said that I could have them "burned off" with laser surgery, but there was no way I was going to "burn" anything off my eyes! So I kind of accepted that my floaters were there to stay.

    Then I came across this system, and seeing that you were offering a full money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose well I was wrong - I did lose my floaters!! Oh my god I still can't believe my floaters are gone and my vision is as pristine as it was 5 years ago!

    Getting rid of eye floaters without the high costs & dangers of laser treatments?

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    I just had the Yag procedure done, I was unable to read even with glasses on with my one eye. Now I have the biggest floaters ever ! Hard to ignore them this time around, I am asking God for improvement, at this point He is the only one left to help as far as I'm concerned. Yes, my reading is better, just don't feel like this is a fair trade-off. Very discouraged at this point !

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    I have quite a few and yes, they're annoying. Dr. said nothing can solve the problem, but eventually you will learn to look past them. Just concentrate on what you're looking at, instead of the floaters. If they suddenly get bad, get a checkup to make sure nothing serious is going on.

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    I had the same problem and my eye doctor claims and it was true for me, i guess, that after awhile you brain and eye gets use to them and you don't see them anymore. I thought it was a bunch of bull but after months and months of seeing floaters, and it is annoying, they were gone, so I figured it was either coincidence or it was true.

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