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What's that color...?

What is the name of the color that if you look at it from one way it appears to be one color, but if you look at it from another way it looks like another color? It's metallic....


I think it's iridecent... is that the right word?

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    The paint is called "Interference"

    It's made from minute particles of mica coated in titanium - which is electrically treated to produce a colour like gold, green, blue, violet, etc., and dispersed in a polymer emulsion (acrylic paint).

    Golden makes them, also Liquitex and a few others... there are some colour charts on the links below.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is "Mother of Pearl".

    It's basically pearly white but when the light catches it just right you can see some or all the colors of the rainbow.

    I have yet to see any paint company make this kind of thing. The closest (and cheapest) you will get is using pearlescent (chroma) medium that you can find at any craft store.

    Check out FolkArt metallic series or (at least) Delta Ceramcoat pearlized series...not perfect, but might be close to what you are looking for. It's great on fairy wings to get that iridescent sheen.

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    Irridescent color usually has a rainbow like sheen to the surface sometimes it reflects a color that is kind of blue-green. In paint, particularly on automobiles there is a kind of paint called "flip-flop"

    When this (very expensive) paint is applied the pigment is floated in beads of varying sizes that settle into layers. The color that your eye perceives is dependant upon which layer the light is reflected off of. Which layer is dictated by the angle of the surface area to the light source. This is why as the car drives past it appears to change from purple to gold.

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    If could happen with any number of colors that incandescent paint comes in.

    Incandescent paint has an opaque look to it that will change it's color slightly depending on the source of light hitting it.

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    I know it by the term "couleur changeant". It happens in textiles where the warp is one color, and the weft is another color. Does that make sense?

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    iridescent? something like that I think

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    chameleon paint?!?!

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