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What if God went to Hell...Would it be uncomfortable for Him?

Maybe even just awkward?

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    Techinically, God is in Hell as well as everywhere else because God is omnipresent. The separation from God that people experience in Hell is a separation of relationship, not one of actual proximity (as there is no way to define "proximity" in terms of an incorporeal, omnipresent being).

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    Jesus the son of God went 2 hell b4 to preach there. God is the 1 who created hell, so would not b uncomfortable 4 him. Angels and protection, sheilding. He's God!

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    As a mater of fact, God has already been to hell. Here's is a quick lesson in theology. Jesus Christ ( who is God, in human form) was hung on a cross to die. After the soldiers put the spear into his side, his heart broke, the blood separated into water. the curtain ripped in two pieces to allow regular people into the temple, and Jesus went to hell to bring his burden of sin before he could go to heaven because sin cannot be in the same presence of God

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    The only reason for God to ever go to hell would be to turn up the heat and no it would not be awkward for Him at all, why would it be anyway?

    Hell is not Gods home, he only created it for those who need it and He surely doesn't need nor deserve it.

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    like how? you mean, he gets out of the godmobile and he's like -- wow, am *I* in the wrong neighborhood. look at all those caps on backwards. And that pit fiend in the Oakland raiders jacket -- is that a gang sign?

    Or maybe he's checking his to-do list and just gets distracted, you know: 1) Save mankind from eternal damnation, 2) eggs, juice, milk, Clorox... wait! Where am I? I must have taken a wrong turn at Delancy and 5th?

    I give up. What would happen?

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    GOD created Hell and Heaven and he doesn't need to go there because GOD knows how it is like there. I think God is above all this Fire, Water, Storm, Heat nothing will harm creator.

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    Many belive

    God did go to hell ( Jesus)

    If he did I imagine it was uncomfortable for him but he only spent 3 days there.

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    He did ..his name is Jesus..and he still went with a purpose reach those who did not have the opportunity while on earth...they were prisoners.. and he took captivity captive...for those who believed he was/is messiah..he took them to paradise..I must say ..he bore in himself the discomfort of going to hell....for you and that we would not have to go...think about it...God bless

    Source(s): the bible and the spirit of God
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    Why would God allow a HELL,

    Why create us and then tempt us.

    So he can punish us?

    is this fun for him?

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    God cant go to hell its impossible so stop thinking that

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