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What should i do?

my gf is sick and shes puking and stuff, so like how do i help her get better?

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    make sure she doesn't choke on her vomit and assure her that you will help her in any way!

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    Don't give her anything by mouth until she stops puking for at least an hour. Then start with room temperature clear fluids like gatorade, 7-Up,water, etc. Small sips until she can hold it down. If she gets a high fever, call the doctor. If she has drugs or alcohol poisoning, take her to a doctor.

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    Take her to the doctor my friend. Puking and being sick can be anything from a mild stomach flu to pregnancy. Dont play games with the health of the woman you love. Take her to the doctor unless you know why she is sick.Good luck and be safe.

    Cpl Rush

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    well just be there for her, get her some crakers and some water, lemonade, or 7-up. tell her that you love her ang just be ther for her and say "i hope you feel better" cuddle, wrap a blanket around her, ect That would i would like my bf to do if iwas puking.

    Hope she feels betterm=)

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    Maybe you should take her to a doctor. It could be something as minor as the flu, or something major like pregnancy. Once you get her to a doctor, he/she can tell you what's wrong with her. Hope she feels better soon!

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    If you are with her at the moment you could just lay with her and hold her hair back for her if she throws up. Theres not too much you can do until she gets it all out. Once she stops throwing up she might be hungry though and you could get her whatever food she wants.

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    Hold her hair so she doesn't puke in it a cool rag on the back of her neck might help.Tell her it'll be OK.

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    Plain Foods

    Start first with lots and lots of liquids

    When she keeps those down move on to broth, plain soups, then plain solid foods.

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    take her home or to the hospital. Get a wet cool wash cloth and put it on her forehead.

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    Give her a cool wash clothe, some ice chips if she is ready....and just sit with her.....get her anything she needs.

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    Take her to the ER if it continues.

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