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is Jesus? im Jewish and i prayed to know who the Messiah is -and i believe the Jewish prophets and let Him in?

Isaiah said he would die for our sins and make atonement for our souls-why do some people say im not Jewish-they are the ones that arnt Jewish. pray for them to believe the Jewish bible and come to know Jesus too-thanks alot. peace shalom to all.

and Muslims reject them too yet say they believe the Prophets-but they are decieved by the one who married a 6 year old girl and said she was his favorite wife yukyuk

who is Jesus to you? i prayed as he asked us to pray-Isaiah 52:13 -53:12 said "He will be exaulted but first marred more than any man, and lay down his anointed self (Messiah) as our atonement for sins." hello-dont lie and say that is israel-how does israel die for israel-only Jesus fulfilled that-no temple today no blood sacrifice-if its not Jesus then God gave Moses a commanded blood atonement for sins-and left us with no atonement=no Judaism,

its ok Jesus loves you even if you think the Jewish prophets lied-but dont lie and say i dont believe the truth thanks.

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    1 decade ago
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    You are a christian. Stop this evil and deceptive form of missionizing. It degrades christianity.


    on the side, the subject of Isaiah 53 is promised a "long life" and "seed" (i.e. physical children). clearly this isn't about jesus.

  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    Muhammad did not marry a 6 year old. It was common at that time for people to marry girls who have reached of age and become a woman. There is a difference of opinion, some scholars say she was 9 at the time, some say 19. But regardless, it never mentions if they consumated their marriage right away. Anyways, her youth proved to be a great blessing as young people have great memory, and so she was able to remember alot of the Blessed Porphets sayings and mannerisms...She was a great Muslim scholar herself that many people came to ask for advice after the prophet himself passed away. You of all people should see the truth in Muhammad's message. When Jesus came, didn't the Jews insult him and call his mother a prostitute for her virgin birth? Same way you insult a blessing for muslims by saying Muhammad married a 6 year old. Shame on you. The truth is never recognized by the masses...just as the society rejected jesus during his time, jews and christians rejected Muhammad, but those who did not were highly honored, even God praises them in the Quran.

    Those pious Jews/Christians who recogize Gods Word in the Quran will be doubly rewarded for they have believed the Truth 2 times when given the chance.

  • stults
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    4 years ago

    Dear David, I cant say that I have skilled what your experiencing proper now, I coulnd;t think what it might be love to be persecuted like you may have been. I do nevertheless wish you to understand that your now not on my own. Jesus ws known as a traitor, a sorcerer, a blasphemenr and many others. what persecution that has come to you is not any one of a kind than the discrimination the savior skilled. Remember Jesus's phrases "whilst the arena hates you, remeber that they hated me first." . Keep your religion, dont permit something flip you round from trusting and serving Jesus. Infact, Im very pleased with you when you consider that you may have made a giant stepp and are following within the footsteps of many jews within the Biblical occasions who made up our minds to take a step of religion and comply with Jesus. My prayers can be with with you, and in the event you must speak to any individual, please, pass to my yahoo solutions web page and ship me a message whenever. GodBless WDJD

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    first of all i dont even know what was the age of prophet Muhammad's(PBUH) wife how do u know the age dont just guess that she was 6 dumbo.secondly i would like to know what is the name of ur messiah who will come i mean jews say they did not beleived jesus nor prophet muhammad then who else

    tell me when messiah will come and what will he do

    please answer im curious to know

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  • 1 decade ago

    A little too wordy of a question and there is no messiah - it is a myth. Sorry to break the news to you pal!

  • 1 decade ago

    I was raised Christian, but I doubt that there ever was (or will be) a savior or a chosen people. If you're good, God will be happy with you. If you bad or evil, god won't be happy with you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Great testimony but I can't find the question.

  • 1 decade ago

    Very deceptive david very deceptive

  • 1 decade ago

    Talk to your rabbi. You are very confused.

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