How do you know when an on-line guy you are dating is the real deal, and not a fraud?

So, I'm new to this on-line dating. I met this guy from a christian web-site, hoping to find the right one for me. We seemed to hit it off real well. He left the country for business, and says that he is in a bad situation, and cannot get back in to the states. How do I know he is for real, and not a just a scam. I want to believe him, but there are red flags going up about the whole situation. Help please!

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    1 decade ago
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    Let me guess...he works either in construction(engineer etc) He is stuck somewhere in West Africa.He doesn't have the common sense to go to the US embassy.(That's what they are there for!) and you are his only hope!

    This is a very common scam.You will be asked to pay for everything by western union (because its untraceable) and he will resort to emotional blackmail and vicious empty threats when you dont pay.

    These people trawl dating sites looking for victims.They are Christian when you are,Muslim when you can convince them to be satanists by pretending to be and are fluent in every religion.

    There only god is blood money.

    This,in my opinion is the worst kind of scam.They steal much more than your money.

    For more info...have a look at .

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    for starters u ought to continually look on the sellers scores and study what the others have suggested approximately doing enterprise with him. paypal isn't in charge for returning ur money. in spite of everything u paid for something u seen over the internet. besides the undeniable fact that provide him a foul score explaining how he misleads his shoppers into identifying to purchase broken products and whilst others see it u can terrific have confidence he decide for be doing plenty extra enterprise on ebay. the scores can't be bumped off as quickly as a shopper value a broker so this is there to stain his image. tell him u have talked to a legal expert and that he would be recieving a letter if u have his handle. u ought to have his handle from the place he despatched the telephone . do no longer actual confer with a legal expert as of yet yet sit down and write him a letter pretending to be a legal expert appearing on ur behalf without return handle. tell him that u have an open and closed case reason u have seen the telephone and u won't in basic terms take him to courtroom yet he will additionally incur all courtroom expenditures until he refunds your cash plus delivery and coping with. tell him he has 3 days to touch you to enable you be responsive to your refund is on the way and he won't hesitate refunding you. as quickly as u get the refund dip the telephone in water and enable it dry then deliver it back to the jerk. you have already got data the telephone became in undesirable shape. whose to assert the situation even labored? hint hint additionally dont ignore to touch ebay client provider and enable them to be responsive to what variety of enterprise he's undertaking on their internet site and that they're going to ban him. touch the account holder of ur debit visa and notice in case you could place a lead to this transaction.

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    Well, do not ignore your red flags. It seems you know this guy is a flake but do not want to admit it.

    Follow your instincts that are telling you this guy is bad news.

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    Itz very hard to identified.....

    U can identify the Location by the ip address using Online Geographical tools.. at most....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Talking online is NOT dating!!! It is chatting and if this person left the couintry and cant come back that means he is avoiding prison!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Dont trust that guy anyway coz it makes ur mind out of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    it's kind of hard to tell, get pictures, get him to call you to examine his voice, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    you don't know that is the thing

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