I have a 1975 chevy truck 3/4 ton see detailes?

its a 2wd and what years are the parts interchangable 74 thru 86? I think it is 73 to 80 then after 80 its only some parts can be changed wat is the correct years?

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    The 1973-79 are virtually identical, except for the grill.

    1980 had the same body, but the grill and headlights are completely different.

    1981-87 have everything the same form the doors back, the entire font clip is different, however you can put a new style front end on an older truck.

    The drive train also changed over the years, but body wise virtually the same.

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    1973 to 1987 (and 1988 1 tons) are the same "Bodys" so those parts will interchange, Everything else should work from the drive train but when using anything electrical its best to check and verify the numbers with chevrolet or a good parts store as you dont want to fry something just guessing!

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    PS, Wheather its a 2 wheeel drive, 4wheel drive, 1/2 ton, 3/4 or 1 ton makes no differance what so ever.

    If by a rare chance you are going to replace a "Box" on your PU always check "Frame" width to make sure they are the same as sometimes the 3/4 and 1/2 tons are different.

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    73 thru 80

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    73-79only 80-87 are diff

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    1973-1987 I think are pretty much the same. Go to LMC trucks web site and you can get a free copy of a catalog for that year model.

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