us military deaths in iraq till Aug 2nd?

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    The military does not tally, post or endorse body counts. Do the math and you will be way off. The wounded and amputee numbers are staggering. We wont be told, not today not tomorrow, and if we are , the totals won't be accurate. At this point the death toll for all soldiers and all civilians is obscene, in the 100thousands. A real testament to how far man has come, he still lacks the ability to resolve dissagreements in a peaceful manner. " Still crazy after all these years "

  • 2567 but consider this there have been over 4,000 deaths of 15-20 y.o. in 2005 and the number is already rising in 2006 due to alcohol related auto deaths, over 46 thousand of all ages due to alcohol related auto deaths. drugs, spousal and child abuse deaths, smoking deaths and push the number well over the 100's of thousands of deaths PER YEAR when we going to do something about those?

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    25-- something grows with each day. makes me want to go back

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    soliders are diying but not us miltary but other nation's soliders :-D

    this is cleverness by U.S.A. administration


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