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Is 100% biodiesel easy to ignite?

Is 100% biodiesel easy to ignite or produce flame?

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    Compared to what, regular diesel or regular gasoline?

    The flash point of a fuel is defined as the lowest temperature at which the vapor above a combustible liquid can be made to ignite in air. Biodiesel’s flash point is over 260° Fahrenheit, well above petroleum based diesel fuel’s flash point of around 125°

    Fahrenheit. Testing has shown the flash point of biodiesel blends increases as the percentage of biodiesel increases. Therefore, biodiesel and blends of biodiesel with petroleum diesel are safer to store, handle, and use than conventional diesel fuel.

    So, it's theoretically more difficult to ignite (accidentally). I don't know that you'd see that much of a difference within an engine, though.

    BTW, gasoline has a flashpoint around 30 F, so that would be the easiest to ignite.

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    ChemDoc is right. Diesel is harder to ignite, as in an engine, it requires the valves to compress the diesel to ignite. That is why diesel engines do not need spark plugs. Biodiesel is an interesting fuel alternative which is fast gaining popularity. It can be derived from palm oil, corn, soy and other plant based material. By igniting if you mean throwing a burning match at it as compared to gasoline and diesel, then biodiesel is harder to ignite.

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    Diesel period is not easy to ignite. You can throw a match into a puddle of diesel and it won't light. Trust me. Diesel has to be heated in some way before it will 'explode'. Motor compression is the most common way to heat diesel.

    Sorry but never heard of biodiesel

    Source(s): I worked around bulk diesel storage facilities and understand its chemical properties.
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    About the same as non-biodiesel..

    Otherwise it would not work properly in diesel engines..

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