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Ya-sai asked in TravelOther - Destinations · 1 decade ago

Shikoku? Have you been to this Japanese island.?

I plan to go there, please tell me something interesting about it.

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    ♡Yes, my hubby and I went to Shikoku for the Awa Odori Festival. (Work for me.) I recommend it! Something interesting? Hmmmm, it's the smallest of Japan's four main islands. You can see the Awa Odori Festival there in mid August:



    ~Or the beautiful Matsuyama Castle:


    They have delicious noodles there, Sanuki udon!



    It takes about an hours time and a bit to get there from Tokyo by air. You can also take a Ferry to Shikoku from Honshu or Kyushu.

    ~You can see beautiful Ritsurin Park.


    And much more! I would definitely go again.

    You can get more info at the English Shikoku site:



    Just a few things there but I hope this helps!♡

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    Shikoku is the least explored of the main islands. It has some good places to see, but public transportation is very sloooow and time consuming. Renting a car for some of the mountainous areas is almost required.

    One of Japan's most beautiful gardens is there, called Ritsurin, in Takamatsu City:


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    Takamatsu is one of the island's most interesting cities. Also in Kagawa is Kotohira, which has the Konpirasan Shrine and one of the best half-day hikes you will ever take in your life:


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    On the other side of Shikoku is Matsuyama in Ehime, famous for its original castle and Dogo hot springs, which are some of Japan's oldest. Farther south in Uwajima though are some other quiet yet interesting spots - and right out of the blue is a shrine you probably wouldn't want to take your parents or children to - Taga Shrine:


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    Kochi has some nice places too - its castle, and mountaintop view from Mt. Godaisan. Tokushima City though, aside from one week in August for its annual Awa-Odori festival, is the one of the most boring and dullest places on the island.

  • anchan
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    Yay! - lived there for 4 1/2 years! It's very inaka (you'll hear that word lot - it means rural, and they are very proud of it)! It's most famous for the 88 temple pilgrimmage. But there's tons of cool stuff to do...

    Dogo onsen (oldest hot spring in Japan) in Matsuyama

    Eat udon (Sanuki) in Kagawa and Mikan (mandarin oranges)in Ehime

    Climb or ski Mt Ishizuchi (sacred mountain with scary chains!)

    Scuba dive in Kochi or Nishiumi

    Festivals, festivals, festivals!


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    It's pretty rural. The Sanuki area has good udon, the Kochi area has good seafood. Matsuyama is probably the biggest city in the west, it has a nice castle. Uwajima has bull-fighting (bulls fight each other).

    But to be honest, if I didn't have to do business there, I probably never would have gone there. And I'm Japanese-American.

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