Why is is Lebanon under air strikes from Israel?

I read an article sayingt that most residents of Lebanon are older women. What reason is Israel bombing old people?


I do read the news paper on the daily...but they are attacking a whole city..the entire city is distroyed....nothing justifies that!!

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    The U.S.A. wants to terrorise the other countries by attacks on Labanon or adjoining area through its puppet in west Asia,Israel.

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    Don't pick apart each conflict that occurs in the Middle East. To actually be able to understand who is right and who is wrong you must view the Arab-Israeli conflict as a whole starting from the creation of Israel in 1948. After World War I Palestine, or the land that Israel is occupying now, became a British madate because the Ottoman Empire broke up. During the Second World War, Palestine was promised autonomy and independence if they helped Britain in the war effort against Turkey. The Palestinians fought against Turkey and they expected to receive independence from Britain in 1948, the same year that Britain was supposed to leave. But due to the Holocaust and some crazy Zioni movement, the western nations pitied the Jewish and created a Jewish homeland on Palestine called Israel. Of course the Palestinians were angry because they were promised that land and the worked hard for it too. And knowing how unified the Arab nations are, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations launched an invasion on Israel after her creation. Israel managed to launch a counter-offensive on the Arab nations and took more land than the UN had assigned them during their creation. And from that point on the Arab nations including Lebanon hated Israel and Israel hated the Arab nations too. After the 1948 Creation of Israel war several other strings of conflicts followed.

    Now the current conflict against Lebanon. Around a month ago a mysterious rocket was launched into the Gaza strip killing 7 from the same family. The Gaza authority said the rocket came from Israel but Israel refused saying that they did not launch no rocket. The Gaza vowed retaliation and began attacking Israel. Gaza then captured one Israeli soldier but Gaza is a tiny piece of land and Israel pretty much dominated the conflict. The unity factor comes into play here now. Lebanon or more correctly the Hezbollah, a guerilla fighting force, attacked Israel attempting to divert Israeli troops from Gaza. It was viewed as an act of sympathy by the Arab nations. The Hezbollah captured two soldiers and if you do follow the news you would have realized that the Hezbollah did say that they would return the two Israeli soldiers if Israel were willing to let go a portion of the Arab prisoners that they have held captive. Israel ignored the offer and began the air strikes on Lebanon. Now I think you may have misread the article saying that most residents of Lebanon are older women. I think it may have been most of the civilians dying are older women. Israel is attempting to justify the Lebanese civilian casualties by saying that the Hezbollah is hiding amongst the Lebanese civilians. To somewhat extent that is true, but Hezbollah isnt hiding in the civilian homes, the civilians are supporting the Hezbollah due to the fact that the Hezbollah actually builds schools and provide food to the Lebanese.

    Who is actually right? You decide. Or is there even a right or wrong side?

    Source(s): ma tete et mon livre
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    Ditto, Big F.

    Israel is not targeting women, children, or old people. The terrorist are surrounding themselves with these people to make it look as if the Israelis are randomly booming. Not that I would blame the Israelis if they were but they aren't. You may be to young to remember this. But, that is exactly what Saddam did when we would get close to finding him the first time we went to Iraq. Real nice guy! This group of people that Israel is fighting are not different.

    Just for your information. The terrorists are indiscriminately hitting Israel with bombs. The reason that you don't hear about so many Israeli's deaths is they had the freedom to move to safety. Again, who are the bad guys here?

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    I just wonder why some people close their eyes towards the truth.

    Devil lives in Israel! Actually, they have this crazy belief that this land is theirs, even though their messiah hasn't come yet and they cannot claim it as their land until he comes. So technically, they shouldn't even be there. The only reason they're still alive is because the US backs them up. Otherwise, the germans or the arabs would have wiped them off the face of this earth. They're horrible people. They bombed hospitals, escape roads, airports, bus stations. They bombed civilians trying to escape in cars and buses, and they bombed a PREDESIGNATED UN PEACEKEEPING LOOKOUT! All that over two soldiers? Yes, I must admit that Hezb-allah is retaliating, but what would you do if bombs are being dropped over your head. You'd fight back any way you can.

    See the images :




    And the articles :



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    its complicated you see southern lebanon is controlled by hezbollah an islamic terrorist group that wants to eliminate israel that means killing every innocent civillian in israel and alot of the rest of the middle east. they have been putting this belief into practice by shooting rockets into israeli cities from civillian areas where any counter attack by israel would be viewed as an atrocity. now israel has just started a campaign against the middle eastern nations that demand its destruction so they found an excuse to destroy hezbollah when they captured 2 israeli soldiers. so now they are trying to bomb the rocket launchers to the next dimension but because hezbollah fires from civillian areas there are more civillians going down than terrorists. so i prefer to think that israel is not killing old people but that hezbollah is.

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    Israel wants to suppress the rightful resistance of Hezbollah, Israel is afraid of Hezbollah, Hezbollah beat IDF out of Lebanon in 2000, they can't forget this humiliating defeat, Hezbollah is very popular among Lebanese whether Muslim, Christian or any other minority it is because Hezbollah has releaved them from decade long occupation and opression of IDF. Israel can't forget that horrific defeat so it is taking Hezbollah as a threat and trying to disarm it but it will cost Israel much more than she has estimated

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    just one more stupid "old women and children hit hardest" lie propagated by the liars in the sensationalist drive by media.. Most of south lebanon was hezzbo terrorists and thier families, Hezzbo has politicians elected to office in lebanon. The U.S.A. doctrin is "If you harbor terrorist you are a terrorist, and you will pay the same price"" Those horrid muslim punks have no respect for living and would blow thier own mothers up if they could kill one american or israli during the murder.. they are most all of them like that.. disgusting twisted degenerates

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    agh goddammit. are you serious? how old are you? can you pick up a magazine or watch CNN?

    fine, the israelis are bombing lebanon because those idiots hezbollah (a terrorist group) captured 2 israeli soldiers and brought them into lebanon. the israelis are pissed and giving hezbollah an asswhooping.

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    You need to either read a newspaper or watch some news channel, and catch up to current events. Even though todays newspaper is yesterdays news, you will still learn.

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    Because Isreal is the root of all EVIL. They say that they're "defending" themselves. From what? Two soldiers being taken hostage across the border? Give me a break!

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