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i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend didn't come..?

i know that pre-ejaculate stuff came out though, inside of me, and i heard you can get pregnant from that. i threw up the other morning, but i don't really see any other symptoms. i might though, but it could just be me being paranoid. i started birth control recently and it supposedly starts working after the first month. and i haven't used it for a month yet. i'm on the last week of them, so i should start my period soon. actually i have about 4 more days and if it doesn't come by then i'm going to be really scared. i don't know what to do. is there a high chance of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate? i also had sex in the pool too, unprotected. so i'm really really worried. someone please try to calm me down! i need reassurance.


wellllll yall probably don't care much but turns out i'm not pregnant, i was just paranoid. to the max.

phew. i'm definitely going to refrain from having sex for a while.

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    Sometimes when a woman thinks there is a possibility of pregnancy her body will mimic the symptoms, it can even make your period late. However, it is a possibility that you are pregnant, anytime you have unprotected sex there is a chance. You can buy a pregnancy test, some you can use up to four days before your period, though I recommend you suffer through it and test your first urine on the morning after your period is suppose to start, if you have not yet started. If you can't wait, buy a test that has two in it, test now and hold the other one for conformation, on the first day of your missed period.

    Here are some common signs of pregnancy

    Tender breasts

    thicker discharge, almost snot like


    sensitivity to smells

    Good luck with everything

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    I sometimes do the same thing where i think im pregnant from pre_***. i always complained to my bf that i was worried that i was pregnant! (i actually am a little scared now too.)I hear the sperm count is low. I am also on birth control pills. After you get one the "white pills" (or whatever color you have indicating your period pills) it takes a few days for your period to start. usually for me its about 4 days after i go off the pill so dont freak out quite yet if you havent started your period in a couple days! You throwing up could have been food poisoning. you usually get pregnancy symptoms a week or two after you concieve. Usually the first sign is cramping and spotting, followed by breat tenderness and mornign sickness. Although sometime when you just start the pill you breasts may get tender due to the side effects as well as weight gain and spotting. So its hard to tell if you could be pregnant or not. you most If you fell your breast getting tender and you start to get cramps it could well be your period on its way. Just take this as a lesson and try to use condoms. If you dont get your period within a week you shoudl go to your doctor and talk about your situation since it may be too soon to take a pregnancy test. a blood test is the most reliable. You can also go to a planned parent hood clinic and possibly get them done for free. Did he ejaculate in you in the pool? cause that would increase the possibility of being pregnant/ hope things work out for you

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    No reassurances here. All I can say is, if you have a chance of being pregnant, you need to stop taking the birth control NOW as it could possibly seriously damage the baby.

    I can't really judge being careless, since I used to be in your situation. All I can say is I have four kids. I keep saying this, but here it is again: If you aren't ready to be a mom, don't have sex. But if you must, USE A CONDOM!!

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    Ok, but you stop having unprotected sex ;)

    If it was just in the last 2 or 3 days, you could still use the morning after pill. Otherwise, get a test and panic if the test tells you to.

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    theres a small chance you are pregnant but of course you could be...i've been on the pill for over 2 yrs and i've never gotten pregnant...3 weeks is pushing it but its better than nothing...i would just not stress about it and take a pregnancy test before you think your period will come because i don't think they are accurate when you are on your what i'm saying is don't wait!!...but be careful girl!! i know its hard sometimes but ya gotta control yourself!! it could pretty much complicate the rest of your life right now...good luck!

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    I'm assuming via the truth that you responded this that you're a child, which makes your probabilities exceptionally prime, sure, you must take the tablet ASAP. Stop asking inquiries to strangers at the curiosity and cross now. Post haste!

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    You should be more careful. If youre taking birth control pills, then you dont want to get pregnant obviously so why are you taking these risks? you have your whole life to have sex so wait the whold month.

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    there is apossibility that you could get, my first baby was form out of withdrawal i really believe that precum can make us old r u anyways? dont fret over case u are pregnant, consider it as a blessing..i was impregnatd when i was 15 and that made me a real person and a strong one..abortions is out of the question dear

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    You could very well be pregnant or it could be your paranoia like you said. I'm thinking it is that latter of the two but you really need to make sure.

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    its not as likely that youd become pregnant from pre *** but there is a slight chance. it also depens on where in your cycle you r. whether ur ovulating or ayd there is only a 20 percent chance youd be pregnant and 80 percent not.

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