What are the best ways to get a girl to fall in love with you?

I've got this girl that I really like, but I'm not sure about the way she feels about me. What are some good signs(because girls don't tell guys these things) that I might see if she likes me? I don't mean love EXACTLY, but a general way to get the engine of marriage started...

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    well you have to treat her nicely,care about her,listen to what she says,ask her how she is,i don't know be sweet and romantic and well if she likes you she would like flirt with you and stuff and she'll keep asking stuff about you to her buds and your buds to.

    good Luck with the Marriage!!

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    You are right, we girls don't tell boys are feelings that much. Here is what you should look for. If see holds eye contact with you for a long time like 5 extra seconds, that means see likes you. If see makes little passes at you like pushes you or punches your arm you know luv taps. Those are some signs at lest thats what i do.

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    do the unexpected if you call her up and she sick bring over a pot of soup and meds to get her better if she works hard send her a day pass to a spa for some r and r make her a cd with songs relating o how you feel she'll get the point dont do flowers everyone does flowers

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    Ahhh my friend...you can never make someone love you. I have an unrequited love myself. There are many signs but they are never really 100% sure until she tells you straight out...until then its all assumption. If she tries to be in your company thats one of the major signs.

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    Smile sweetly at her, be interedted in her life and whats went on with her that day or week. Let her have her own opinions but be man enough to also disagree with her in a constructive way. Treat her like she is special.

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    Well for one eye contact. If you think she is looking at you but when you look at her she is looking away she was most likley looking at you. Talk to some of her friends and see if she might be interested in you. Always smile around her and talk to her whenever you see her.

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    please do something for your love. if ur love is true then that girl falls in love with u only u.

    u can try to know her hobbies, her choice, her thoughts and u can found that girl with u.

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    you can't exactly MAKE someone fall in love with you. they do that themselves. and if she is the right one she WILL fall in love with you. but don't force anything.

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    Buy a big house.

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