it will be good to do a bachellor degree in engineering and later go to law school???

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    If law school is what you want to do, the engineering bachelor's degree should have prepared you well for the work that will be required of you.

    As some answers above me also mention, patent law seems to be a popular career track for engineering undergrads. A background in science and tech can also help in many civil cases (eg: suits over dangerous products).

    I would have to disagree with some answers that your handicap will be in the writing aspects of law school. As you would probably know, any American ABET accredited engineering program requires written lab reports for lab courses and a senior year capstone design sequence where a technical writing course is included. At least where I went to school, they had us write quite a bit in lab courses and the design sequence. Though I have to admit that some of my fellow students did not exactly have superb writing skills even after those courses.

    Anyway, bottom line it is a good idea if you want to pursue law. You shouldn't have trouble if you have the drive to succeed since many engineering majors in the past have made it through law school. You can too.

    Source(s): my experience with fellow students that have pursued that career route
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    If you are going into patent law then yes. The problem solving skills would help but so much of being a lawyer is writing and I would think that getting an English degree would help. I would say that you need to talk to someone about going to law school. If you really want to be a lawyer I would find out what you are going to need to get into law school. You may find out that your grades are all that matter so an easy degree may be the way to go. Personally I would have doubts that you would finish engineering if you knew you were going to go straight to law school. Most likely you would give up once you got to calc 2 and physics.

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    If you want to get an idea of what studying law is like, there are review session audio CDs you can purchase. They're titled Sum & Sumstance law series.

    There are things in engineering you'll learn that you'll not learn anywhere else, such as how to systematically solve a problem.

    Law on the other hand is learning about a process.

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    A lot of patent lawyers also have engineering degree.

    Engineering degree is a good compliment to MBA as well as MD. In fact, medical schools do prefer engineering graduates due to their ability to perform deductive thinking.

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    You might want to work in the field, then go into patent law.

    If you are lucky, you might be able to get your law degree on your company's dime too.

    I have a couple of friends who have done it. They had MS in Engineering, though.

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    If your an engineer, it prob means ur good at math not english/history. I hardly know any fellow engineers that can write above a 12th grade level, but the math will kick your butt.

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    Absolutely yes...

    Most lawyers have a liberal arts degree...

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    have a bad experience of replacing field of study. it is very bad.

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