Best X-men story?

which is the best/your fav x-men story? I'm talking drama here, like in Gen x 2, a mutant who is outcasted by everyone for his grotesque appearance holds someone hostage (as it appears) The mutant is then shot, tests reveal that he actually wasn't a mutant, just really ugly.

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    Uncanny X-Men #186: "Lifedeath: a Love Story"

    When Forge, the mutant maker of machines creates a device for the government that violently removes the powers of a mutant (it IS in the shape of a gun), he doesn't expect one of the first victims of his technology to be Storm, who he has feelings for.

    In one issues, he spends weeks healing her and bringing her back from the brink of emotional collapse, but in the end has to reveal how she came to be in her current condition because he can't stand to lie to her. Naturally, she reacts badly, and leaves. But before she does, just the slightest hint of hope remains, for both them and Storm's powers...

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    considerable aspects of action picture storyline have been taken from the present remarkable X-adult adult males picture novels. The Phoenix tale arc suffered intense editorial liberty to compress it right into a 2 hr action picture- there is not any alien/extraterrestrial area of the Phoenix, instead the ability became continually dormant interior of Jean and became suppressed considering adolescents via psychological blocks placed there via Professor X. this is plenty simplified from the actual Phoenix tale arc, the place the phoenix became a cosmic entity of almost endless ability which had duplicated the physique of Jean gray (unknown to the X-adult adult males who assumed that Jean had advance into extra effectual), and whose volatile recommendations made her a threat to all of life, inflicting the Shi'ar Empire to get entangled. *** warning: SPOILERS *** on the tip, Magneto seems to be on the line to restoration. If human beings stayed previous the last credit, they might have seen the ending clips which demonstrate that all and sundry seems to be alive (distinctive endings aired in distinctive international locations, one showing Prof X conversing with Moira, yet another showing an Optic beam blasting from contained in the direction of the lake's floor, and yet another showing an empty hollow interior the floor the place Jean became buried).

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    The best X-Men story was about Wolverine's weapon-x history. It was cool to find out about his connection with Maverick and Sabertooth. Close second choice would be Wolverine vs. Omega Red.

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    Days of Future Past and The Trial of Gambit

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  • The Dark Phoenix Saga. After Phoenix repaired the M'Kraan Crystal, she stated that the only way for the crystal to be safe was for Jean to remain her host body, and to stay inside the sun, where no other living creature can live besides The Phoenix herself. Later, after depositing the crystal inside the sun, she returned to Earth where Jean was still inhabited by the Phoenix Force. She began to feel a hunger deep within her for sensation and power much like she had felt while in the Crystal. This hunger made her an easy target for the illusionist Mastermind, who was attempting to prove himself in order to join the prestigious Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. With the help of a mind-tap device created by the White Queen, Emma Frost, Mastermind (using the alias Jason Wyngarde) was able to project his illusions directly into Phoenix's mind. Believing herself to be his 18th Century lover, Lady Grey, Phoenix was subverted into joining the Hellfire Club as their Black Queen. While all along the Phoenix seemed like she was being controlled she instead stated that all along she knew what was happening and that she cannot be controlled by anyone. Shattering Mastermind's illusions and even shattering his illusions of his fake self-image to reveal his true hideous look, she flew away saying, "Amuse yourselves," to everyone as she is beyond their tricks and powers, including the X-Men.

    When Mastermind killed the psychic image of Jean Grey's true love, Cyclops, it served to break his hold over her psyche and unleashed the insane power of Dark Phoenix. The X-Men battled her but proved to be not even a match against her as she said, "Is this all that you can do against me?" While battling the X-Men she experienced new sensations but could not understand why they wanted her host body so much, after saying that 'Love' is not an acceptable answer. After nearly disposing of Cyclops, Jean regained control and flew into the heavens. Intent on satiating her hunger, Dark Phoenix created a wormhole and transported herself to a distant galaxy. Without a thought of the consequences, she dove into the heart of the D'Bari star and devoured its energy, causing the star to go nova — killing billions of innocent alien lives in the process. Dark Phoenix was then attacked by a Shi'ar vessel to prevent her from destroying other stars. Dark Phoenix easily defeated her foes, but not before they were able to alert the Shi'ar Empress Lilandra. Gathering a host of intergalactic associates, including the Kree and Skrull empires, the council concluded that Dark Phoenix was an even more serious threat than the planet-consuming Galactus and must be destroyed.

    Cover to Uncanny X-Men #136. Art by John Byrne.On Earth, the X-Men were greeted by Avengers member, and former member of the X-Men, the Beast. He was able to design a device which would neutralize Phoenix's powers long enough for them to defeat her. Dark Phoenix returned to Earth, to her family's home, and was subsequently attacked by the X-Men. During a vicious psionic battle with her mentor, Charles Xavier, he was able to create psychic 'circuit-breakers' in her mind which reduced Dark Phoenix's powers to more reasonable levels and allowed Jean Grey's human personality to reassert control, curtailing the destructive impulses of Dark Phoenix.

    The Shi'ar then abducted the X-Men, told them of Dark Phoenix's casual genocide, and indicated that she must be put to death because of it. Xavier, who was romantically involved with the Shi'ar Empress, challenged Lilandra to Arin'n Haelar, a Shi'ar duel of honor that cannot be refused. After conferring with her allies, who insisted the contest be staged to ensure a guaranteed victory on their part, Lilandra ceded to Xavier's demand.

    The next day, the X-Men and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard were teleported to the Blue Area of the moon where they would do battle, with the victors deciding the fate of Phoenix. The Imperial Guard was able to defeat all of the X-Men, leaving Cyclops and Phoenix alone to make a final stand against them. When a stray bolt of energy hit Cyclops, Jean Grey's panic overrode the psychic circuit-breakers Xavier had placed within her mind and the full might of Phoenix's powers were once more unleashed. At this point, Lilandra abandoned the delicate approach and ordered Plan Omega, which would consist of destroying the whole Solar system in hopes of eliminating Dark Phoenix in the process.

    With events spiralling out of control, Xavier ordered the X-Men to subdue Jean to preempt Lilandra's emergency measure. The team battled her until she regained her senses. Running to a back alley on the moon, Phoenix activated a Kree weapon and disintegrated herself after an emotional good-bye to Cyclops. He later deduced that Jean had planned her sacrifice from the moment they had landed on the moon. This pivotal story ends with Uatu the Watcher commenting that "Jean Grey could have lived to become a god, but it was more important to her that she died as a human."

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    Aren't they all the same?

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