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I get scared almost all the time what should i do?

When i was 22yrs old i wasn't afraid of being alone, I lived on my own in my little studio apt, no problem. Now i am 27 and if i am alone at night i get scared, and i start thinking about bad stuff. To make long story short i am more fear full. Sometimes I get so scared for no reason my heart beats so fast. What is the best way to get use to being alone again, having my TV on is not helping. I also have a problem sleeping at night. serious tips only!

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    "What is the best way to get use to being alone again".

    Your statement leads me to believe between 22 and living on your own that you may have been involved in a serious live-in relationship thats recently ended? If so, I'd suspect it's not really the fear of actually being alone at night as it is the missing having someone special in your life with you at night maybe?

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    There is more to this question that you are giving us. Did you have some event which triggered this? How long has it been going on? Have you talked to your doctor about it? (Yes, there are several medical conditions which cause this) What sort of fears do you have, or are they just general worry?

    Actually, this really isn't the best place to work this problem out. You might consider moving into a shared apartment with a friend. That may relieve a lot of the stress. It will also let you bounce off someone when things aren't so good.

    If that doesn't work, or isn't an option, you might ask the doctor about it. It sounds like you are having some sort of anxiety issues. Some of these are caused by the body, then your mind picks them up and runs with them. Others are caused by the mind, and the body takes the clue. The difficulty sleeping is actually a rather important point, and may indicate that there is an underlying medical problem.

    Sorting it all out is a good idea. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you exactly what was wrong, but I hope I've given you a few ideas as to where to look for a cause and for help.

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    i know this isn't as serious, but i'm always afriad of going into dark, unless it's out side. (if i see someone i know standing at the end of a hall, and there is light where i am/where they are, i'd be scared, and i'd take one step, the full-out sprint to my friend.) one day i was watching a music video late at night, (sugar were going down by fall out boy) and the show was over, and i had to walk from my living room to my bedroom, about 5 yards i guess. i couldn't turn the light or it would wake up my dad. The song was still in my head so i started concentrating on a certain line i couldn't remeber. next thing i know, i was in my room! yay!

    another time this happened with a power outage and no one else there, and i had to get a flash light....i sung the same song loud as i could (for real singing) and my fear was replaced by my 14-yearold-girl crush on patrick stump, the lead singer. so do the same thing:

    pick a band that you LOVE, and possibly like one of the members.

    pick a song that you LOVE and can sing, the kind of singing you do in the shower.

    in it has a video, visualise it as much as possible, or visualise the band, while you sing it.

    hope this for the sleeping thing, ask your doctor...

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    It sounds like you developed some kind of anxolytic disorder, i think you should probably go see a doctor, he can prescribe medicine to help this such as xanax, ativan, or sleep time meds like restoril, ambien, lunesta....if the anxiety only occurs at night. I'm not sure why you developed this suddenly but probably had to do with something bad occuring to you or a close friend/relative called post-tramatic-stress-disorder (pstd)......anyways, see an MD

    Source(s): I'm a pharmacist
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    That is called generalized anxiety disorder. I suffer from this and have for many, many years. I am at the point to where years ago I also developed alcohol/drug abuse, a sever form of panic disorder with seizer activity. What I am saying is get help from a phyciatrist and counsoler right away so you can get a control on it.

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    You probably seriously need to see a doctor. It's normal to have some level of fear but if you're having like anxiety attacks, it may be best to find a medication to calm you down and bring you back down to reality. Good luck.

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    adopt a pet

    it is very theriputic

    also buy a relaxation music cd for lk 3 or 4 dollars and meditate to it

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    You go to the doc and talk to him about what has happened.

    Maybe you just need to talk some stuff through.

    Maybe you need some antianxiety mediation if it seriously affecting your daily activities...

    That should be up to you and your doc...

    good luck

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    try to get a roomate

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