I have RM 1000.00 for my scholarship. How must I arrange the budget?

I must have the budget for my transportation (RM330), my budget for eating (105 day), stationary, revision book and fee (RM 50). If my budget not enough for me. Can you give another way to get the money?

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    1 decade ago
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    You really need to be very specific in your Q. Where will you be studying? Locally (m'sia) or abroad? What kind of institution.. private or government. If Government, you have more than enough.. if its private, you'd probably have to consider taking a part time job. But find one that does not consume too much of your time that you risk your studies being disrupted.

    and.. i hope its a typo that you made... how is it that your food per day amounts to RM105 and the important stuf (revision book and fees) is only RM50? Huh?

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