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♥ Whats wrong with her ♥?

My best friend has major issues with me, her and guys. See she won't like a guy I like and if I like a guy she likes she gets pissed. I told her that I wouldn't get mad if she liked the same guy cause its up to the guy.she doesn't seem to get it. And once she had me ask out a guy and he gave me his number but I told him I didn't like him and she got made at me because he liked me not her. She and me are very pretty. When she asked me how she could get more guys I said don't be shy and she argued with me for an hour and told me that I was wrong what do I do.

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    If you like a guy and he likes you better than her, she has to get over it or she ain't your friend. It's going to happen, so she has to deal with it. Make sure if it happens the other way around you are just as understanding....Good luck!

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    I think it's a good idea for you to distance yourself from this friend, even though it will probably be hard at first. It sounds like your personalities clash too much, and that kind of stress and conflict isn't worth it. There's also some kind of competition thing going on here, and I don't think a friendship can survive that anyway.

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    No offense meant but your best friend acts like she's 10 years old.. No guys would even like her because she need to grow up! Personally, I think there's nothing more you can do because she herself is too stubborn to listen to comments and suggestion.. Leave her be and let her see her mistakes herself..

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    she might be jealous of you. try talking to her. if she doesnt understand you then she is not your friend.if she argues backthen just find some good friend who doesnt feel jealous of you.

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    shes a greedy *****...shes not a friend...shes a friend who takes away your desires and wantings...keep up with her and youll doubt every move you make...

    Source(s): man!she needs a slap across her face!=( i hope things turn out great...and make her notice what she is doing....
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    she messed up drop her *** foo!

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