Support groups for care providers for the elderly?

Since I could afford to retire by 50.Taking care of my folks 24/7

is a piece of cake,all I miss is talking to people that can make sence or maybe have some sort of interest besides "what's for lunch?"I got no problem staying sober and I'm allready saved.

I could use knowing a few more people that make sence on a regular bases,I think they call it support ,and two or more would be a group.So what I'm looking for is a support group ,for care providers for the elderly,in the SanGabriel Valley. CanYou Help Me?or should I ask ,Will You help me? well will you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Although I do not know what is available in the San Gabriel Valley, a good place to start would be to contact a Hospice facility for recommendations. Also, there are Alzheimer's support groups that may be able to refer you somewhere. Even though your parents may not have Alzheimer's or are terminal, a lot of these groups have a line on what is available out there. Sometimes they can recommend respite care for the caregiver. My mother-in-law, who is 82, takes care of my 84 year old father who has had a stroke. He gets up and around in his wheelchair, but he has to have someone there to take care of him. A group here in Florida, Elder Services, provides a sitter once a week so that my mother-in-law can get away for a little bit. It's tough being the caregiver for elderly parents, and it sounds like you are definitely suffering from burnout. Please keep looking around in the phone book and in the newspaper until you find someone to help you. You might also try calling some retirement communities, Assisted Living Facilities, or Nursing Homes and speaking with someone from social services to see if they can refer you to anyone. Good Luck to you!

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