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How do you get your spouse to be thoughtful on your wedding anniversary or birthday?

My husband forgets my birthday hasn't got me a valentines card since we married forgets the kids birthdays etc. How do I get him to be thaughtful without being a nag? And why do people be so nice before marriage and not so nice after? I know now he's got me hethinks he doesn't need to try anymore but how can I get him to try?

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    Tell him what you want. Put these important dates on the calendar and remind him of them about two weeks ahead of the date. When you remind him, tell him what you want. "Valentines day is next Tuesday, don't forget to get me a nice card and maybe some chocolates." OR "Sweetie, my birthday is coming up and I was thinking we could go to that new restaurant."

    I know that women would love it if men remembered and could buy a thoughtful gift because they love you, but men would love it if women would tell them what they want in concrete terms so that men can make women happy.

    Men ARE from Mars and Women ARE from Venus.

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    you mark the special dates on a calendar with something that will attract attention and you hang it somewhere he will always see it. You turn the pages so that it is always current and you have the Birthdays andother specialdays marked boldly so he cannot miss seeing it.

    When the next date comes and he forgets you throw the biggest fit you ever had and you make sure he knows exactly why you are breaking dishes and setting him up to sleep on the couch. DO NOT forgive him until he does something thoughtful or comes up with an apology. If he forgets the next date after that Have a bigger fit and tellhim why. If he still forgets You go out and buy youself whatever it is taht you wanted and use his money to do it. You then proceed to always forget his birthday etc and ALWAYS buy yourself somethng grand and expensive when it is your birthday. That should do it or you won't care anymore cause you get what you want

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    Marriage takes artwork from both companions and it does no longer look like you sense like companions any better.i could sit down consisting of your husband and ask him why you 2 did not celebrate your anniversary this 365 days. do no longer make it look like you're blaming him in besides.only say you probably did not celebrate it and also you ask your self if he has any thoughts about why. this can start up an complete communication which could be troublesome so be prepared.

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    Don't expect him to be what he is not.Just because he forget your birthday does not mean he does not care for you. Mayt be your husband has his own way of showing you his affection. Men do forget such things. If it bothers you that much, tell him how you feel. it helps to be candid about your feelings. Then its up to him to shape up. You can not force him to be thoughtful! Just accept him for what he is, or you find yourself another husband. Ha ha ha! just kidding!

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    i can relate post little clues around the house places he's sure to look neon post it works great put one on his fav auto magazine put one on the dashboard of his car inside his wallet cant be suttle with guys i gave up on my husband figuring out stuff although i would appreciate it more if he took the time to do it on his own but i decided what i want and just say hey buy me this for my birthday and be done with it. but thats just me

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    When he comes home at night tell him happy anniversay dear. then if he doesn't say anything back just give him the silent treatment. That is one thing that they really hate. Next time maybe he will remember when there is a special occasion.

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    how wierd u just described my dad his the same way my mom has always gotten mad at him like forever but like with the b-days of yur kids just remind him and with u well tell him straight out thats what my moms does just tell him like a couple days before when its something special well good luck bye....

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    Point blank....remind him.. put it on the calender... suggest sweet things that you would like him to do... sometimes men need a little push to get them going but most of all communication is the key to fix most things...........good luck

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    marry a woman if you want to be with someone thoughtful. if you have to remind him and badger him about it what does it mean anyway? if he doesn't care enough to notice maybe that should be a clue! you married a dud face it.

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    My opinion,,

    If i had to make him ,

    I DON'T WANT IT ~!

    It wouldn't have the same meaning ,

    if i had to force him and remind him ~! (to me anyways )

    He should be doing these things on his own,

    Not being forced to ~!


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