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Tell me all about your annoying neighbor..?

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    I'm not sure "annoying" is the right word in my case. I live on the corner so I have a ton of neighbors.

    Let's see.....the ones across the street from me have 13 dogs, 8 of them are Chihuahua's. Enough said.

    The one kiddy corner to me is a 98 year old man who is BORED out of his mind. Everytime we go outside it's like playing hide but no seek, just trying to avoid him. I love the guy to death, don't get me wrong. But when you get up for work at 4 in the morning and don't get to bed until midnight, who wants to talk about the weather???

    The ones right next to me were ALWAYS having loud parties at all hours of the night. At least 15 times a day you hear a car pull up (usually a very loud, missing the muffler kind of car), honk its horn once, wait a few seconds, then leave. Then it comes back (drives around the block), honks the horn twice and leaves again. When it comes back (a second later) it honks once and then turns the rap music as loud as it can go. It's been pretty quiet the last couple weeks though (ever since the FBI and local police raided the house).

    The people on the other side of the street from me had parties all the time too. There were two adults and 6 children. The children were outside playing and rough houseing until 2, 3 in the morning. I say "were" because they moved out a few months ago (after the adults were arrested for throwing their 5 month old son agains the wall and bashing his head in). "Dad" is now on death row (pleading not quilty by reason of mental defect of course--c'mon.....he threw a 5 month old against a wall because it wouldn't stop crying--yup, you'd have to be pretty dang retarded to do that!!!)

    And the people directly next to me on the other side are remodling their house. But we get temps in the 100's by noon here so the best time to remodel a house??? Yeah, between 10 at night and 6 in the morning. So much for a noise ordinence.

    Oh yeah.....and those crazy psycho baby killers.....I have an animal cruelty charge against them for throwing bottle rockets off at my dog on the 4th of July. 2nd degree burns to her hip and side and a pinched larnyx because she was on a chain and tried to run further than the chain was long.

    So, like I said, "annoying" just isn't the right word for me.

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    I am the annoying neighbor! I run around naked(not where anyone can see) and play loud music(not late at night). I think my neighbors are annoying because they are all stuck up snobs and they only talk to you if your worthy. IM NOT WORTHY

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    My annoying neighbor moved out. Thank God. She was the neighborhood $lut, she was always going after any man, whether they be single, married or had a girlfriend.

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    One of my neighbor's houses is directly behind ours so that when we look out at our backyard, there's the house. 4 people live in that house and 2 of them are kids (ages 3 and 5). Those kids barge in our house if we don't keep the doors locked-or if they are locked, they'll pound on the door, and they have destroyed some things in our backyard!

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    She suppose to be a christian lady and never ever speaks. Always playing church songs and singing about God! She must have skipped the 10 commandments, what happened to love thy neighbor

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    My neighbors are very inconsiderate. The father and the son would park their cars infront of your house covering your driveway and don't care what you think about it. Even if you asked them nicely to move it so you can get out your driveway, they get ignorant. They spoil the whole neighborhood.

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    He parks on my half of the lawn. He accuses my son of doing horrible things to his car and his kids have parties where the kids at the party are drunk and leave beer cans everywhere. What's that old saying about not seeing the log in your eye but looking for the splinter in someone elses. Yeah, that's him.

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    He has a salvage business and even though he as a salvage yard out of town he still piles up tons of scrap iron next to my property.

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    Goes outside at 2am, turns on the light that shines into my bedroom window and swings at imaginary gof balls. All i hear is "swish"

    Also hear him trimming his bushes out there at that time too (thankfully with just a manual clippers)

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    I have pretty good neighbor.

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