Which criminal justice undergraduate courses should I AVOID taking and why?

I originally posted this question under "education" but I didn't have much luck at getting responses so I figured I'd give the question a shot here.

I have to go to orientation tomorrow and register for my classes. My major will be in criminal justice but I don't have to take every criminal juistice course that is offered because they have so many of them. So, I was wondering if there are any courses that you don't recommend taking and why you don't recommend them.


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    Hard question to answer but I have to agree with the previous poster. A CJ degree is great but it's not wholly useful without one of two things:

    1. A specified direction: education, law, chemstry, biology, anatomy, even accounting. A criminal justice degree is general, to be able to pursue a career in the federal field for example...it doesn't count for much without something from one of the fields above.

    2. The plan to pursue a Master's or Ph.D again, in a specified direction.

    If you are like most college kids pursuing a CJ degree, you have plans for a Federal Career. Determine what field of the justice system draws you. Is it the science side? Forensics studies like fingerprinting, DNA, crime scene investigation? If so, design your degree around that and place emphasis on a major that will help you achieve that goal. Biology, anatomy, chemstry and the like.

    Is it the investigation side? Pursue a major that places emphasis on critical thinking like accounting, economics, law.

    If you plan to study with the intention of entering the private sector then consider electronics, computer science, business administration.

    Consider changing the major in CJ to a minor or work with your school counselor to help you determine what path is best to help you achieve the goal. You can major in CJ but take a good long look at what you want to achieve and place study emphasis there.

    A good idea is to check out the Federal Agency websites and see what they are looking for in the hiring process. It will help you determine what you need to study best.

    A good example is the FBI Special Agent hiring requirements. You will see a great deal of desirable degrees listed but what you will not see is a criminal justice degree alone.

    If your goal is to hit the streets as a police officer the CJ degree will help but you might consider an administration of justice emphasis as well.

    Whatever you decide, good luck and study hard!

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    Although I don't know what type of criminal justice career you have your eyes on, in a general sense I would suggest that you take any and all classes that you find appealing, but in most cases whatever you take or don't take will not have a significant influence on your career goals. Whatever organization you plan on joining, they will train you in every way necessary to do the job. I took all criminal justice classes in college, but later realized that it wasn't all that necessary. And in fact it would have been a better carerr enhancement to major in anything else, such as business or language or teaching, etc. Law enforcement teaches you their job. But your secondary training can be invaluable for advancement opportunities and/or becoming specialized in your law enforcement career. Example: You become a law enforcement officer and have a background of CJ classes, but with an educational background in business or finance, you have an edge towards becoming an expert in financial crimes. Or a background in teaching or education may give you a boost in become a better training officer than someone else. Something to think about anyway. Do as you see fit, but don't try to confine yourself too much in your current studies.

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    Any class you take as an elective will be helpful, so just take something that sounds interesting to you. And obviously take classes that revolve around what you want your career to be (i.e. lawyer, police, case worker). Nonetheless, some of the most fun classes are organized crime, correctional administration, and narcotics. For most colleges though, these are mandatory classes.

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    Impossible. You do not qualify to take graduate-stage (masters) categories till you may have graduated with a bachelors. You no longer simplest do not qualify to use to grad institution, you would not be eligible to use. And, and not using a historical past that entails a industry measure, you can certainly not qualify to use for an MBA.

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    Avoid them all. In this country criminal justice is an oxymoron. Why waste your money and your time?

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    take all of them or most of them, the class work mixes together and if you take 2 or 3 at a time you can use you knowledge and class work in each class

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