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How can I get corporate sponsorship for a tennis tournament.?

Location: Fairfax, VA

Participants: 150

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    With 150 participants, its highly likely some of them will have some pull at a company and get the ball rolling.

    As with all other business decisions, if you can show the company's you're trying to get money from how it'll help them make more money they'll probably donate.

    Ideas to consider - their company name and logo will be seen by at least 150 active adults.

    If you walk into the place and they have a lot of thank you's or certificates of appreciation they'll probably help if you promise them the same. I'd look for places where the general manger works for a company that has several locations, those managers are always looking for things to pass on to their bosses (it helps them get promoted)

    good luck on this worthy cause

  • Prepare a letter about your tournament and the benefits for a company to sponsor your tournament. Then send it to your short list of possible corporations. It also helps to make 100's of phone calls. Many corporations have full time staff that just handle donations and sponsorships.

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    It's usually your company, talk to human resources department.

    Or consult USTA.

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