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How do you get rid of bugs?

Dont think Im a nasty person, but theres an old house thats next door to me that they are gutting out, and theres about 10 acres of woods behind me, so occasionally i see bugs. but mainly roaches. they come and go, but since the people next door have almost gotten that house done, me and my neighbors both have roaches. they are the german cockroaches and they seem to be sitting comfortably in my house >=/. which angers me. but anyway, we have had pest control come out 3 times now to spray and they still stay. i have boric acid which ive been told will kill the roaches and any other kind of bug. ive had this powder acid sitting out for days now and they just crawl over it without flinching. does anyone have a suggestion about possibly what i can roll this boric acid in to make them eat it and kill them? or any other solution? we have used home defense and we have seven dusted as well as roach bates, and nothing works!!


glue strips dont work, we have spent over 30 dollars using every kind we can find. the bugs are just too light and can walk over the glue and not stick to them.

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    I have successfully used Combat. I buy about twice as many as they say, and just saturate the kitchen, bathrooms, and anywhere else I've seen them. Pretty soon, they're all gone.

    As for the boric acid, I've heard that it doesn't kill them right away--they get it on their little tootsies, and they ingest it when they groom themselves. It takes awhile to kill them, but I've heard it's effective. Don't be discouraged because you've seen them walk across it with no apparent ill effect. Give it some more time.

    As for starving them out, I don't think that will work; they can eat just about anything, including the glue that holds books together.

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    Go to your local Home Depot or Lowe's or whatever you have close to you and buy Boric Acid. Put it on the floor where you see the bugs (in cabinets beside and behind refrigerator and stove) The roaches walk through the powder and take it back to the nest with them and it kills them and contaminates the nest. The best way to deal with roaches is eliminate the source. Good Luck!

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    Well it seems you tried everything posssible.

    You even had experts working on that (are you sure they been experts?)

    So now it seems like there isnt a solution....

    Well there always is a solution...and in your case it has to be the one thing you close out.

    There is no way around getting each room cleaned and sealed and then have roach bates for the remaining few.

    But it means a lot of work and success still is questionable.

    I dont want to burst your bubble...but once roaches have settled in you cant get rid of them ever again..

    Even if you decide to move out there they will be moving with you :- (

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    i have heard roaches are attracted to water, so i would try, getting

    a water stopper for maybe the kitchen sink with a chain on it and filling up the sink at night and in the morning pull the chain (since its icky to stick your hand in roach water) and down the little bastages go. or i know they come out more at night in the dark especially in the kitchen so one night when your kitchen been dark flip the switch on and spray the hell out of the bastages.

    only think i can think of, good luck

    or i just thought of, roaches likes sweet things too so maybe mix some sugar in the boric acid????

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    Bengal Roach Spray is great, kills and keeps on killing. try the hardware store if they don't have it at your Walmart.

    Powdered sugar mixed w/ boric acid a little peanut butter for smell to draw them.

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    The first and most important step in a bug-free home is to make sure you aren't providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bugs go where there is food. Take away their food and usually they will go away as well. This does require some effort however. It means you must vacuum or sweep crumbs up regularly and keep your counters clean. You should also keep all food tightly closed or sealed. Leaving out fresh fruit can also attract bugs. Trash cans are another buffet for bugs, empty them regularly and spray them out at least once a month.

    Although you can't prevent all bugs from entering your home, one way to keep many out is to make sure that your window and door screens don't have holes. Also, don't leave doors open for extended periods of time.

    If your house has been invaded, it's time to take action. Some people opt to use pest strips, glue strips which bugs will stick to and die. Be careful of using these strips if you have pets or children. They are extremely sticky and are painful to pull off if someone accidentally gets stuck. The downside to pest strips is having to replace them fairly frequently. Unless you don't mind having a strip loaded with dead bugs on it, you will have to put out a new one on a regular basis.

    Another pest control option is an electric bug zapper. Recent studies have shown these not to be a sanitary option of pest control. Bug zappers also tend not to be effective on mosquitoes and bees.

    If you use a pesticide, make sure to follow a few basic rules:

    - Read the directions carefully and follow them exactly.

    - Wear rubber gloves and a face mask when spraying or mixing pesticides. Wash your hands after handling any type of chemical.

    - Remove pets and children from any area where you are spraying pesticide or bombing.

    - Do not leave food or utensils out if you are spraying. Make sure to wipe down kitchen counters after spraying or bombing.

    - Be extremely careful when discarding any unused pesticides. Remember that pesticides are poisonous and can harm people and animals.

    - Stay out of a room for an hour after spraying pesticides.

    If you have used an insect "bomb," you may have to stay out of the house longer. Make sure to read and follow the instructions printed on the packaging.

    If you are having a problem with a specific type of bug, you may have to specialize your attack. For many insects including ants, roaches, silverfish and spiders, you need to identify how they are getting into your home. Spray cracks around pipes, on windowsills and in the foundation of your home with a pesticide. Sprinkling bay leaves near the problem area is another good way to stop ant problems. For mosquitoes, make sure to drain any standing water. You should also wear a bug repellant spray (not a pesticide spray) when you are outdoors. With a few exceptions, the black widow and brown recluse, most spiders are harmless. If you see a spider web in your home, use the vacuum attachment to remove it. For wasps or hornets, use a spray specifically designed for the purpose to spray their nests.

    If all else fails, it may be time to call in professional help to show your unwanted guests the door.

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    shop it clean first. some calamine lotion would help, or some neosporin. attempt putting some neosporin on a band-help and overlaying it till now you pass to mattress. while yopu upward push up interior the morning, wash it with anti-bacterial cleansing soap and don't conceal it or touch it for something of the day till you're cleansing it. you additionally can evaluate taking a benedryl, through fact the swelling and redness could be an exceedingly easy allergic resopose. The benedryl will in basic terms quickly furnish help to. the only genuine scientific care is time.

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    Honey,instead of glue strips, it keeps sticky, just spray it w/water to keep it sticky and it won't hurt pets, but than you may have to smash any real stubborn roaches

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    sure there not new ones moveing in

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