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Cause for abdominal pain with small mass on right side?

I am a female 37 years old. For the past couple of months I have been having abdominal pain on the right side, occasional right side lower back pain, have a small mass the size of a grape on right side, nausea, fatigue, off and on ankle, hands and face swelling and have lost 13 lbs in the past month without trying to. two months ago I was three weeks late and feared pregnancy but have had my tubes tied and 6 pregnancy test came back negative, thats when this all started. It seems to be getting worse..does this sound like a type of cancer?


I understand its silly of me to have not gone to the doctor yet, but with my husbands recent layoff I'm out money and insurance.

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    Could be. ..........................WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU ASKING A DOCTOR?

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    Since your husband got laid off, try to get medicaid or go to a local free clinic. I know that may not be your idea of a good time but you need to see a obgyn ASAP! Your problem may be nothing however it could be an ovarian cyst, it could be fibroids, endometriosis, PID, An STD, an ectopic pregnancy, ovarian torsion as well as many other things. Some benign and some dangerous. Even going into dept if you have to or find a place that will work a payment plan is worth your health. You may find it's nothing and it only cost you the $50.00 checkup. Also the YWCA runs programs for low income families where you get free annual gyn checkups and mammograms.

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    I would go in to the OBGYN and ask for an Ultra Sound.

    It sounds like a lot of things.. I will give you a differential, but your OB will be able to tell you better... The thing that bothers me the most about your presentation is the systemic effects such as the swelling.

    A palpable mass is never a good sign in the presence of all those other symptoms and weight loss.

    I would worry about your Kidney, Ovary, Fallopian Tube, Intestine, Gallbladder, and Liver.. with it being on your right side.

    I would worry about something obstructing your lymph drainage as you are swelling, but you could have something else unrelated to the mass.

    I would make sure you don't have an infection in those tubes...

    You could have ovarian cysts


    Kidney Stones

    Gallbladder Disease/Stones

    A Hernia

    If you took the over the counter preg tests, i'd go in and get it checked.

    Cancer is always in the differential until it is ruled out..... Please go in to rule this out.

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    I read the (3) answers before me.

    Symptons and age: sounds like premenopausal. Some might say 37 too young, but can happen at that age. Back in old day my mom had same, doc took out uterus. Now doc will check you, do a D&C, have you monitor cycles. Best to have a doc check, small lump may be fibrosis tumor (non cancer, I had em) or a cycst. But get checkup with your doc. Will ease your mind.

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    I can not believe a 37 year old female would not go to a doctor with the description you have given. What is wrong with you woman. My mother had a friend that did the same thing as you are doing. My mom kept trying to get her to the doctor and when she finally went, it was too late, she was eat up with cervical cancer. That cancer is the easiest cancer to cure and the deadliest if left alone. Please, for the love of God, go see your gyno.

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    sounds like it might b an infection of the lymphnode glands. i say this because i hav been getting a pain in the same spot for about a year. a few nights ago it got so bad i had to go to hospital. i could hardly waiting to have s ultrasound to see for sure what it is but the doctors are positive its infected lymphnode glands.

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    Holy cow, are you serious? Why are you not seeing a doctor for this?? You need to see one right now!! Don't wait!

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    it could be fibrosis, your uterus, are you waiting to die, go see a doctor

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    Please go and see a gynecologist on top priority - suspected fibroid in uterus.

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