Will welding a drum hi-hat effect the sound A LOT?

I have 2 paiste signature edition hi-hats for my drums that my cousin will let me have for 100$ if i can find someone to weld the cracked part, the crack is a little over an inch at the edge and it splits into two other tiny cracks, so i guess the real question is will the sound it makes when I weld it be 100$ worth it or should I just buy new ones (they go for 450$)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Drill a hole at the end of the crack, and see if you like the sound. If you don't, then the cymbals aren't worth anything, and your cousin won't be able to sell them. If you do, go for it. I'm sure he'll let you drill the hole as it's basically a test of whether they're worth anything or not, and you're probably the only person he has a chance of selling them to.

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    They will not sound nearly as good as a pair of $100 dollar hi-hats. it would be better to just go and buy a new set that costs $100 + whatever it would cost to get the weld done. or if you can afford it you could buy a brand new set of the same kind.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Too much money for a cracked cymbal

    2. welding or any other fix is not gonna make it sound right either - pass the deal and buy new.

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    Welding them will deform your high hats.

    what they sound like when you are done? who knows.

    when they are made they were heated to temper and cooled just so, to get the right amount of stiffness to them.

    welding will change that temper and make it have a uneven stiffness,

    But who knows if you would like the sound

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  • Sean T
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    1 decade ago

    Buy new ones. If you don't solder the old ones just right (no offense, but it sounds like you don'tknow how to do this) they'll sound like, well, poorly soldered cymbals... Dude, you can't afford to "go cheap" on equipment. It's your sound we're talking about.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes it will affect the sound, considering cymbals are made from a single piece of metal. try it tho you might like the sound.

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