Southern Peoplez?

I don't know what catagory this gose in but do yall think southern people are weird or somthin speak your mind i dont care even though i am texan


p.s im spellin wrong on purpose but i do use bad grammer and im proud

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    We are not weird, dear. We are unique. We are more than the redneck and Cajun jokes make us out to be. We are kind; we are passionate; we are vehement; and we are forgiving. There's a book about southern women called, "We're Just Like You, Only Prettier" by Celia Rivenbark. Get it; read it; laugh like no one's watching. And be reassured, darling. This is God's country.

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    People from the South have an infinite variety, as do almost any people from a highly developed culture. In the South, we have the best and the worst of all types.

    From the eastern half of Texas to the District of Columbia, to the Florida Keys, to southern Illinois and Missouri, southern Indiana and Ohio, the South has an amazing variety of peoples, interesting peoples, people with a marvellous array of skills, talents, knowledge. I will not lie to you; I love the South. No, I'm not born in the South, I am from northern Illinois. However, I've lived over half my forty-five years in the South, from the bootheel of Arkansas through Memphis and the Mississippi Delta to Christian County, Kentucky to Liberty and Tattnall Counties in Lowland South Georgia. Let me tell you that no place has anything over the South.

    We still have chivalry, we still have hospitality. we still cherish tradition, our history, our geneology, our customs and courtesies. We have coon hunting, noodling (searching for catfish by hand and arm, wading in the water). We have a love of hunting, fishing, gathering berries and wild herbs. We have one of the most highly developed literatures in the world. In the South people still learn Latin and Greek. In the South Sequoia invented and developed a language and literature for the Cherokees. In the South we had the Five Civilized Tribes: the Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaw, Seminole, and Chickasaw.

    The South had a superior military in the Civil War. If it had not been for the North's industry and higher population, and the moral cause of fighting against slavery, the South would have won the Civil War and who knows what would have developed-- two nations, or three, instead of one?

    The South has a more forgiving winter, but a harsher summer. It has swamps, Southern Appalachies, pine forests and plantations which seem to go on forever. But I digress...

    Strange? There are strange people anywhere you go in the world. Weird? You tell me. In what way?

    In New Orleans we have vampires and voodoo. In Savannah we have root magic and remnants of ancient European witchcraft. We've got NASCAR, cow pattie bingo, and Georgia Bulldog tailgate parties. We've still got moonshine, but now we've got crystal meth.

    One thing I've found is that if you go by the stereotypes you will never understand the South. That's true of anything. But I know. Here we have everything -- highly techno-savvy nerds, cultivated European and Cosmopolitan types, Asians, Africans, Moslems, Bahais, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, Quakers. You cannot rule out ANYTHING. Why??? Because everyone wants to be here, that's why! This place has some place or something for anybody. So, wierd? Yeh, we've got weird. But we've got everything else too, so honey, ya'll can just let go of that complex. Don't be ashamed of bein' Southern or Texan. Y'all just be who you wanna be! Jesus loves you, ya know! (So does Buddha, Mohamed, and Madeleine O'Hare, but they're all dead).

    Weird? Maybe. But our weird is the bestest weird there is, honey. Ain't nothin' like it. Y'all come on, we'll throw a bah-be-que, an' we'll even supply the booze. :)

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    Southern people aren't any weirder than Northern, Eastern, or Western people....we are simply differently; and as a Texan I take pride in being a southerner and a little on the weird side...being normal is so highly overrated. Also... it seems as if a majority of the responses say that southerners are slow....did anyone ever think that we like to take time to enjoy the beauty of the world around us and appreciate all that God has given us?

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    I'm Texan too!! Cibolo, just NE of San Antonio. Moved from Houston 4 years ago. For sure, southerners are weird! Texans are weirder than most...and PROUD OF IT! Texas is like no place else. Remember the Alamo & God Bless Texas!

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    I am from NY and the only thing wrong I find with Southern people are that they are slow. In restaurants or convienence stores in the South, the wait is very trying on my patience. Though they are also the most friendliest of people I have met. Never did any of them not smile.

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    Southern people are people. we all have our own lingo and cultures depending on geography, history, and trade. Some one from California may have a different culture and outlook as opposed to someone from Georgia. I'm sure people from the North seem just as strange to Southerners as Southerners appear to Northern folk.

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    Texas! Of course we are not weird. But seriously, the south is much more nice than the north. I just got back from vacation in California and the people are so much more cold. Southerners are so cool.

    and to the guy above me its ya'll, get it right

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    What are you trying to say??. I don't get these country people, this is how they talk wherever you go. I hate the accent, i love Texas but i hate the country people, some people are like good but like other's are not. I live in California and I love the way that like people talk here.

    Source(s): We got more bounce in California tha all y'all combined
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    Well, I love the Southern Hospitality but, your spelling is something to be desired.

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    It depends on what you mean by "weird". But then again, what is considered to be 'normal' in modern society?

    I think I am weird to a certian extent, though. (I am an Oklahoman. I currently live in Mustang.)

    Hope this helps,


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