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what would happen if a man went skinny-dippin in a lake or pond would his d**k get bitten?

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    That would depend on where the man went skinny dipping. Some ponds have leeches, but that would mean that there is a good chance you'd be bitten even if you were wearing clothes.

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    it is possible , fish will bite at just about anything they can . i have been bitten on moles and nipples .it dos not feel to good and i imagine if it was a turtle it might hurt even worse. even a small fish can bite and it will sting ,but i don't ever remember being bitten down there ,maybe i have just been lucky ,but i have heard of others having that experience


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    There's a 60/40 chance tha his penis will come off or be scarred some how by some creature that wants his/her privacy. I mean, come on. Would YOU like a man to just stroll into your house butt naked?

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