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Is this a good cat diet?

my cat is f ing huuuuuuuuuge.... im ashamed of it. everytime someone comes over they say how big your cat is. I have nothing to say and i get real emabarrsed. So I locked the cat up in a closet without food, it only has water. Is this a good idea?

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    No, that's not a good cat diet. You should either get over your cat's body issues or get a better class of friends. If someone came over to my house and said my cat was fat and made fun of him, I would kick that person out, because that person was obviously born in a barn. What horrible manners! Don't people know that personal comments are rude?

    If you want your cat to lose weight, change his diet. Your vet will help you. Also, if you are so shallow that other people's opinions of your cat upset you, you need to get a pet that isn't as affected by your disapproval, like a gerbil. Cats are very sensitive to their owners' moods, and your cat will sense that you don't love him anymore. If you don't love him as a fat cat, then you don't really love him. Give him to someone who will give this poor creature the love and devotion it deserves instead of the disapproval and cruelty you give it. Honestly, what if your mom shut you in the closet for being too fat? It's the same thing as what you did to your cat. Pets, especially cats, view their owners as parents.

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    Actually, no it is not a good idea at all. Obese cats can get very sick very quickly if they don't eat. Their livers shut down,,,just feed him less. Try getting something called wd food (chicken flavor) from the vet. It's very nutritious and cats love it. Also I've noticed that it's actually cheaper than fancy feast and purina from the store. I'm treating your question like a serious one, although you said that you locked your cat in the closet, because it's a very serious issue. For some reason fat cats are much more prone to liver disease from not eating for a couple of days than thin cats are.

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    A fat cat is a happy cat. Take it as a compliment!!!! Don't impose an eating disorder on your cat, she's not in Hollywood!!!! If u r really worried, exercise her more and buy some special food for her. There are some types that are designed especially for obese felines and will help them lose weight. You should be locked in a closet for being so cruel!! Poor cat deserves better!!!!!

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    No, I do not advise Science Diet to someone. I labored as a Certified Veterinary Technician for thirteen years. My possess cat has meals allergic reactions to fowl. I have had her on SD prescription meals and in addition Royal Canin tom cat meals. Both those meals have been stale upon establishing the baggage. These are tremendously high priced meals and I used to be throwing them out. I additionally beg to fluctuate with the persons that say that rainy meals is the one factor to feed a cat. I had my cat on Merrick's, Natural Balance and a few others. I am very constrained to what I can feed her. Try discovering any meals with out a few variety of fowl (meal, liver, protein, fats) is an recreation in futility. I had her on canned meals handiest for no less than three years. I needed to regularly deliver her laxatives for the reason that she grew to be so constipated for the reason that she did not drink water whilst she used to be on canned meals. I further water to the meals and it did not aid. She misplaced weight and she or he used to be in no way a significant cat to start with. But whilst I began her again on dry meals, it used to be then I learned that she used to be truthfully ravenous. She used to be a rack of bones. When she began consuming the dry meals, she won weight and her constipation went away for the reason that she began ingesting water once more. So instead than generalizing all cats, you must take every person cat's dietary demands under consideration. Some cats, like mine; is not going to do good on a canned vitamin. My cat is now 15 and doing good. She is more healthy than she ever used to be on a strictly canned vitamin.

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    Your cat should be taken away for neglect. If you need your cat to lose weight, you need to cut down on how many times you feed it. Get it the special Iams or other food for it, and follow the instructions on the bag or box.

    Get your cat to be more active, get it toys or a laser pointer for the cat to chase around.


    That is disgusting and despicable.

  • You're kidding me. That's messed up, anyways if you really want it to lose weight make it go outside and only feed it a little in the morning and a little in the evening. Give it plenty of water. Also if you look around at the store they have food made for weight loss.

  • It's a good idea if you want your cat to die or eat itself.

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    fat=happy=love=will to survive=long life.

    no food=bad liver=cat hating you=no will to survive=short life=you guilty.

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