I messed up...?

I thought that I was happy with the choice that I had made with two guys. For those of you who don't know my story, I was torn between two guys and I had chose what I thought was the right man, which was BB. Any way, I was with the guy that I wished to no longer see tonight and we totally relit the flame that was put out. We didn't hook up or anything but we did do something that I am not proud of. Any way, my little brother saw us and told me that he was going to tell BB that me and AM were kissing. I know that everone makes mistakes, and I made mine right in front of my little brother. I know that I messed up because I wanted to end everything with AM completely so that I could move on, now it seems like I can't and I am stuck in the past. I want to move on and end it with AM but I can't seem to do it and then when I think that I am going to move on, he and I want each other so bad that we can't stop. I need some advice on how to forget this and if BB does find out, what will I do.


I can face the fact that I messed up and that I need to set things straight. How can I do that and make everyone happy. I want to end everything that I had going with AM and just move on with BB in my life. I guess that what I am asking for, is how do I move on and get over AM and go about things with BB.

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    Girl.. You can't definitely move on if your still have AM inside your mind.. It's totally and obviouslly clear that the one you love right now is AM.. There's nothing you can do to fix this.. The only thing you can do is admit things to BB and move on with AM.. As you have said, everyone makes mistakes and one of your mistake (which you haven't seen) is that you are falling for AM and decided to leave him..

    Think.. BB, AM and you will be not happy with your current relationship because you are thinking of some other guy.. If you really wanted to clear things up, two things: (1) Forget AM. try your hardest at this and stay loyal to BB.. That is if you realy want to save your relationship with BB and most importantly.. IF YOU LOVE BB.. (2) Admit everything to BB and go with AM and hope that you will be happy with him.. Think again.. Why did you chose BB over AM in the first place? Know what you really want and love and stick to it.. WITHOUT ANY REGRETS AND "I SHOULD HAVE'S"

    On your last question: "What is BB found out?" Face the consequences.. You made the mistake you should have the guts and spine to face the results.. Even if it's bad.. Well, it's good that you are aware that it's your fault in the first place..

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    I kind of know how you feel. AM gives you something BB does not. I don't know what it is. You may not know what it is. I don't think your stuck in the past I think you are in the here and now and still not sure which one you really want.

    There is the smallest possiblity that neither AM or BB maybe the one for you. They may each give you something you need. But neither gives you all of what you need.

    If you read my question tonight you might understand a little better.

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    How 'bout you grow a spine, make a choice, and then work on your relationship with BB?

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    You need to be upfront and tell your boyfriend what happened. Let him know that since this happened you are now sure that you don't want the ex, you want to stay with him.

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    change your name, move to navada, become a shepard, never do anything like this again

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    threaten your brother in to not telling. then tell them yourself. better they hear it from u

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